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This information pertains to our Summer 2014 program.

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Teens (13-16)

Teens participate in a morning enrichment program of their choice taught by one or two Cornell student mentors. The rest of the day is devoted to non-stop elective activities: special-interest workshops, recreation and sports, field trips, community volunteering, crafts, music, art, and games.

This is a great opportunity for teens to explore Cornell, meet new friends, and discover interests and skills in a well-supervised, encouraging environment. Teens without parents or guardians on campus are welcome to attend for one or more weeks.


  • Resident Teens live in a dorm with their counselors from Sunday afternoon until Saturday morning; see Housing for details.
  • Commuter Teens attend from 8:30 a.m. until 10:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Morning Courses for Teens

Outdoor Teen Adventures
Featuring rigorous challenges for novice and experienced climbers supervised by instructors from Cornell Outdoor Education, this program will include teen-level ground games, Hoffman Challenge Course elements, ascents on the West Campus Climbing Wall, and a Tyrolean traverse across Beebe Lake Gorge. If you’re a teen who enjoys non-competitive but highly physical activity, this is a good recreational opportunity in a safe but exciting learning environment. Additional fee: $140.
Sailing on Cayuga
This complete introduction to sailing and tying knots, with lectures, demonstrations, and practice on Cayuga Lake, will be taught by certified instructors and supervised by Cornell’s superb Department of Athletics and Physical Education. You must know how to swim and be prepared to fall in and tread water, rain or shine. Additional fee: $130.
Science Sampler
Engineering, materials science, chemistry, and biology: each offers hundreds of problems, solutions, concepts, and keys to advances in theory and applied science. You’ll learn about (and replicate) experiments taking place in science labs across campus, work to solve problems and communicate findings, and meet students whose research and enthusiasm make Cornell a world-class environment for study and project design.
Creative Writer: Inspired Writing
The taste of watermelon, the memory of your birthday, the sound and smell of a flowing creek, an intense dream, the long view from a rooftop—such sensory, cognitive, and emotional impressions can inspire powerful writing. Working in different Cornell settings each day, you’ll combine sights and sounds with details from your own life history to create poems, essays, short stories, and songs. With encouragement and expert guidance from a professional writing instructor, this course will help you grow in confidence, range of expression, clarity, and skill.

Youth program fees

The program fee (per youngster, per week) covers tuition, housing, seventeen meals, and all morning, afternoon, and evening activities. It does not cover special instructional fees for some youth courses, as noted in the course listings. Children (other than teens) in on-campus programs reside adjacent to parents in Court/Kay Hall or with parents at the Hilton Homewood Suites.

Age groupFull rateReduced

There is an additional charge of $250 for unaccompanied Teens staying in residence over a weekend, to cover the cost of extended supervision, dining, and dorm accommodations.

*Reduced rates apply to the second and all additional children (after the first, oldest child) accompanying a registered adult in residence on campus.

**The weekly program charge for Li'l Bears, Tykes, Explorers, Big Reds, and Junior Cornellians includes the full program, 8:30am - 4:30 pm, Monday - Friday, healthful lunches, fresh fruit, and snacks. The Commuter Teen option, 8:30 am - 10:00 pm, Monday - Friday, includes the full program, snacks, and lunch and dinner.