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Design-related courses

Summer Session

Study with renowned faculty, earn credits, gain valuable skills, and complete requirements--on campus, online, or around the world.

ARCH 1110 Introduction to Architecture: Design StudioIthaca
ARCH 1300 An Introduction to Architecture: LecturesIthaca
ARCH 2101 Design IIIIthaca
ARCH 3101 Design VIthaca
ARCH 3102 Design VIIthaca
ARCH 4101 Design VIIAsia (east)Ithaca
ARCH 4102 Design VIIIAsia (east)Ithaca
ARCH 5101 Design IXAsia (east)
CEE 3610 Introduction to Transportation EngineeringIthaca
COGST 1111 Making a Difference by DesignIthaca
DEA 1100 Design Generation[s]Ithaca
DEA 2100 Introduction to Product Design StudioIthaca
ENGRG 1070 Spatial Visualization/Thinking for EngineersIthaca
FSAD 1120 Visual Thinking for Fashion DesignIthaca
MAE 2120 Mechanical Properties and Selection of Engineering MaterialsIthaca
MAE 3250 Analysis of Mechanical and Aerospace StructuresIthaca
MAE 3260 System DynamicsIthaca
PMA 3380 Ancient/Modern Corpo-RealitiesIthaca

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