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The following information pertains to the last formal offering of this program. If you are interested in taking this program as an individual or organization, please contact the Professional Studies office for more information.

Landscape Architecture Registration Examination (LARE) Prep, Section 4


This intensive two-day workshop is designed to prepare students to take Section 4 of the Landscape Architects Registration Examination (LARE).

Through lectures, group discussions, practice exercises, and question-and-answer sessions, experienced Cornell instructors will present material that is typically covered on the exam, including the fundamentals of site grading and drainage system engineering. The workshop will focus on building and reinforcing skills essential to successfully complete Section 4 of the LARE.

Because the content of the LARE changed recently, and Section 4 now includes construction documentation in addition to site grading and drainage, this course will provide an overview and discussion of the exam’s new format and content.

Students will review the specific skills the questions are intended to evaluate, discuss test-taking strategies, and identify traps in answering various problem types. Instructors will also review the new "drag-and-drop" advanced item types and use earlier test formats as practice examples.

Also of interest

Students may choose to further develop their skills by registering for a second workshop, Stormwater Management and Green Infrastructure for Landscape Architects, offered on July 20. For information about that course, please visit the Stormwater website or contact the Special Programs Office at 607.255.7259 or at