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The information on this site pertains to the Summer College 2014 program. If you would like to be notified when 2015 information and applications are available, please join the Summer College announcement list. We also invite you to become a fan of our Summer College Facebook Page.


Six-week courses

Here are some tips to keep in mind while selecting six-week courses:

  • Students who enroll in six-week programs commonly choose two courses for credit from the list below. We suggest you consider enrolling in a First-Year Writing Seminar (English 1131 or English 1132) to build your college writing skills.
  • Take care when choosing science, math, and computer science courses, which require rapid assimilation of difficult concepts. Such courses should not be chosen without carefully weighing the amount of work and the dedication they'll require. If you have any questions about this, please contact us.
  • If your schedule permits, we encourage you to visit an additional course of your choice. With the instructor's approval, you may sit in on lectures and do the reading and assignments, but you won't have to take exams, and you won't receive credit or a grade (this course will not appear on your Cornell transcript); visiting a course allows you to pack as much learning into your Cornell summer as possible and lets you learn for the sheer joy of it. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity, not to be missed.

Select a department to view its list of courses

Most of the online courses below are delivered via the web-based learning system Blackboard. You complete your assignments within a scheduled time frame, but you have the option of getting a head start on readings and lectures. Generally, you interact with the instructor and other students by phone, e-mail, and/or discussion boards. For more information, visit our online learning FAQs.

ARCH: Architecture

ART: Art

ASRC: Africana Studies and Research Center

ASTRO: Astronomy

BIOEE: BIO: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

BIOG: BIO: General Courses

BIOMG: Molecular Biology and Genetics

BIOMI: BIO: Microbiology

BIOPL: BIO: Plant Biology

CHEM: Chemistry and Chemical Biology

CLASS: Classics

COGST: Cognitive Science

COMM: Communication

CS: Computer Science

DEA: Design and Environmental Analysis

EAS: Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

ECON: Economics

ENGL: English

ENGRD: Engineering: Distribution Systems Engineering

ENGRG: Engineering: General Interest

GOVT: Government

HE: Human Ecology Nondepartmental

HIST: History

ILRLR: ILR: Labor Relations, Law, and History

ILROB: ILR: Organizational Behavior

LING: Linguistics

MATH: Mathematics

PHIL: Philosophy

PHYS: Physics

PSYCH: Psychology

STS: Science and Technology Studies

UNIV: Cornell University General

WRIT: Writing Program