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Enrollment and registration


You may want to check with your advisor to be sure that the credits you earn during the summer will count toward your degree requirements.

Generally, you may enroll for:

  • up to four credits in a three-week period,
  • up to eight credits in a six-week period,
  • up to ten credits in an eight-week period, or
  • up to fifteen credits during the entire summer period (May-August).

These credit limits may be exceeded only in the most extraordinary of circumstances. Any request to do so must be submitted to the registrar of the School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions with a written explanation of these circumstances. If you're an undergraduate student, the request must include the endorsement of your faculty advisor. (If you're a student in Cornell's College of Arts and Sciences, you should also seek the support of your advising dean.) A meeting with one of the deans of the School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions may also be required. If you want to take more than fifteen credits, you may not enroll online.

Note: If you're a Cornell undergraduate, you may not audit any classes.

To sign up for summer-session classes, you must:

  1. Choose the courses you want to take.
  2. Meet with your advisor.
  3. Enroll online* or off.

* not all classes are available for online enrollment (e.g. Physical Education courses). Please check the individual class listings for specific enrollment instructions.