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The "coolest" season at Cornell, Winter Session is a great opportunity to earn up to four credits in just a few weeks, enjoy small classes, concentrate on intensive study, and get to know your professor and classmates.

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"You learn so much and don't have competing classes or obligations--you can spend time with the material and schedules are more free. It's a great time to take a course you might find challenging."

Sasha Mack

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Featured winter programs

AMST 2020 Popular Culture in the United States, 1950 to the Present
December 26, 2014-January 17, 2015
Taught by Glenn Altschuler (online)
HD 3490 Positive Psychology
January 5-17, 2015
Taught by Anthony Ong
NBA 5841 Global Business Management
December 26, 2014-January 17, 2015
Taught by Elena Iankova (online)

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