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Cornell University School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions


Experts in their fields, the faculty who design and lead CAU’s summer classes and our customized domestic and international study tours know their subjects inside and out and are passionate about sharing them with us. In fact, from Cornell presidents and administrators to distinguished faculty to leaders in university athletics, these engaged and dynamic teachers count their CAU classes and travels as among their happiest instructional experiences. How lucky for us!

Featured faculty 2016

Warren D. Allmon
Glenn  Altschuler
Ellen  Avril
Matt  Baughan
Jeffrey  Blanchard
Ross  Brann
Valerie  Bunce
Rob  Cook
Micah  Cormier
Patrick   Crowley
David  D'Aprix
Julia  Dean
Frederick W. DeBruyn
Severin  Drix
David  Faulkner
Jennifer  Fee
David  Feldshuh
Michael  Fontaine
Karen Dashiff Gilovich
Thomas D. Gilovich
Jennifer  Gioffre
Riccardo  Giovanelli
Lawrence  Glickman
Nancy  Green
Charles  Green
Martha P. Haynes
Mary Fainsod Katzenstein
Todd  Kennett
Hadas  Kress-Gazit
Jane-Marie  Law
Joseph  Margulies
Maureen  McCoy
Richard  Medina
Eliot  Miller
Sarah  Myers
Abby  Nash
Mary Beth  Norton
Therese  O'Connor
Michele  Palmer
Anda  Perianu
Mircea  Pitici
Katherine  Reagan
Faust F. Rossi
Nick  Salvatore
David J. Skorton
Charles R. Smith
Scott A. Taylor
David  Toews
Penny  Von Eschen
Sarah  Wagner

Featured faculty from previous years

Roberto  Bertoia
Malcolm  Bilson
Todd  Bittner
Vicki L. Bogan
David  Bonter
Gregory F. Budney
Holly  Case
Frank  Castelli
Jessica  Evett
Gustavo  Flores-Macias
Robert H. Frank
Jason  Frank
Maria Cristina Garcia
Cole  Gilbert
Cynthia  Hazan
Juan  Hinestroza
Jeffrey  Keller
Jonathan  Kirshner
Amy  Kohut
Isaac  Kramnick
Irene  Lekstutis
Irby  Lovette
Scott  MacDonald
David  Moriah
Roger  Moseley
Roberta  Moudry
Jon  Parmenter
David  Pizarro
David  Powers
Donald  Rakow
Linda  Rayor
Frank H. T. Rhodes
Annette  Richards
Frank  Robinson
Harry  Segal
Patrick  J. Stover
Barry  Strauss
Joy  Swanson
W.  Stanley Taft
Eric  Tagliacozzo
Virginia  Utermohlen
Mark  Wysocki
David  Yearsley
Neal  Zaslaw