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Cornell University School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions


Charles Aquadro

Charles "Chip" Aquadro is a Stephen H. Weiss Presidential Fellow at Cornell, a professor in the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, and director of the Cornell Center for Comparative and Population Genomics. He holds a PhD from the University of Georgia, an MS from the University of Vermont, and a BS from St. Lawrence University, which also awarded him an honorary PhD in 2016.

"I am a research scientist and educator," writes Chip. "I view these responsibilities as part of a continuum that runs from current students to alumni to the general public. My research is focused on discovering basic principles that determine the amount of diversity that exists within and between the genomes of organisms, and how we can use that diversity to understand organismal diversity, to discover novel genes, to maximize human health, and to advance agriculture."

In addition to teaching, Chip has served as scientific advisor to NOVA, WGBH, and the Discovery Channel and has authored numerous articles for scientific journals.