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Cornell University School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions


Anthony Ong

Anthony Ong is an associate professor of human development at Cornell University and of gerontology in medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College. He holds a PhD in psychology from the University of Southern California and completed a three-year postdoctoral fellowship in lifespan developmental psychology at the University of Notre Dame.

Anthony is the co-editor of Emotion, Aging, and Health (Bronfenbrenner Series on the Ecology of Human Development) with Corinna Löckenhoff (American Psychological Association, 2016) and the Oxford Handbook of Methods in Positive Psychology with Manfred van Dulmen (Oxford University Press, 2006). His research and teaching have been recognized by the American Psychological Association (APA) and the Gerontological Society of America, and he is the recipient of the APA Springer Early Career Achievement Award in Research on Adult Development and Aging, the Margret M. and Paul B. Baltes Early Career Award in Social and Behavioral Gerontology, and the Merrill Presidential Scholar Award for Teaching.

In the broadest sense, Anthony's work focuses on the dynamic processes that underlie expressions of vulnerability and adaptation across the lifespan. Over the years, his research has spanned four major interrelated topics: the pathways linking positive emotions to quality living and health morbidities in both clinical and healthy populations; the social determinants of health in later adulthood, particulary the role of social isolation and loneliness; ethnic-racial identity processes and the biological residue of everyday discrimination; and the nature of perceived responsiveness in close relationships, its biological grounding, and relevance for hedonic and evaluative well-being.