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Cornell University School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions


Sidney Tarrow

Sidney Tarrow is the Maxwell M. Upson Emeritus Professor of Government and adjunct professor at the Cornell Law School. A graduate of Syracuse, Columbia, and Berkeley, Sid began his career with field research on parties and social movements in Italy (Peasant Communism in Southern Italy, 1967) before adding France to his interests (Between Center and Periphery, 1978), and, most recently, the United States (War, States, and Contention, 2015). His current project is a coedited and multi-authored book on American politics called Charting the Resistance: Donald Trump and his Enemies, to be published by Oxford in 2018.

Before retiring from the Government Department and moving over to the Law School, Sid taught the department's core course in European politics and society and a graduate seminar on social movements and contentious politics. He visits Italy and France often, both for research purposes and to lecture at the European University in Florence and in other venues. In the Law School his occasional seminars focus on law and social movements.

Sid is an avid skier, and most winter mornings will find him at Greek Peak. He does carpentry in his spare time, but his real love is traveling with his wife and partner of 52 years, Susan Rosemary Tarrow, and watching his grandchildren grow up. His summer course on 1968 in America and Europe will be his third CAU experience.