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Cornell University School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions


Frank Robinson

Frank Robinson has been the Richard J. Schwartz Director of the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art since 1992. Prior to his appointment at Cornell, Frank was director of the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design Museum. He is a graduate of Harvard University. He taught six years at Dartmouth College and four years at Williams College, where he was director of the graduate program in the History of Art and also director of the Williams College Museum. He is a widely published scholar of seventeenth century Dutch art.

The Johnson Museum at Cornell boasts a permanent collection of 34,000 pieces, which, according to Mr. Robinson, is one of the best university collections in the country. It is especially well known for its Asian art and prints.

Frank has co-taught CAU study tour cruises to the North Sea, the British Isles, and the Baltic, and he has led CAU study tours of art in Holland and London.