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Chile and Argentina: An Ode to Poetry, Politics, Landscapes, and Wine

March 12-23, 2015

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With the soaring Andes as a backdrop, we will visit three of Latin America's most mesmerizing cities and their surroundings: Santiago, Mendoza, and Buenos Aires.

Raymond Craib, associate professor of history and Latin American expert, will introduce us to the geography and political history of Chile and Argentina, to their world-changing agriculture and industry, and--through the poetry of Pablo Neruda--to Chile's rich literary heritage. He will also talk about the social history of wine agriculture and labor in both countries and, in Buenos Aires, about the political history of the port, including the role of tango, football, and, yes, wine.

These themes will blaze to life as we visit sites such as Neruda's seaside home, the Cipolletti Dam, the Presidential Palace, the Recoleta neighborhood, and the outdoor markets of Buenos Aires.

Our journey will take place during the grape harvest ("the crush"), the perfect time to visit several of the famous and spectacularly situated wineries in Maipo Valley, Lujan de Cuyo, and Valle de Uco. As we taste and toast to one another's health, we will appreciate these wines in and of themselves and as products integral to the agriculture and history of each country. Salud!

This program also features an optional pre-trip extension to Santiago and Easter Island. See the "Program notes" below for details.

Raymond Craib is an associate professor of history at Cornell whose focus is Latin America, with particular emphasis on Mexico and Chile. His Cartographic Mexico was published by Duke University Press. He is currently finishing a book on the "proceso de los subversivos" in Santiago.

Program notes

  • Double occupancy: $8,979 per person
  • Single supplement: $1,230
  • See What's included?
  • See Travel links and resources.
  • Fitness scale: Slightly strenuous. May require extended walking over uneven ground as well as the ability to climb stairs and to stand for considerable periods of time.
  • Optional pre-trip extension: This program also features an optional pre-trip extension that includes two nights in Santiago and three nights in Easter Island. The extension runs March 7-12, 2015. Double occupancy: $2,090 per person (this does not include airfare to Easter Island). Contact CAU to register for this extension.


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