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Adult courses

2016 on-campus programs for adults

We're very excited about the programs that we're planning for summer 2016! One or two more may still be added, but in the meantime, here's the tentative list. Full descriptions will be posted on the website in December. If you would like to be notified as soon as the course descriptions are online, please join our e-mail list.

Week 1: July 3–9, 2016

  • The U.S. and the Israeli–Palestinian Conflict, led by Ross Brann
  • "Only Connect": E. M. Forster's Howards End and A Passage to India, led by David Faulkner
  • Taking Flight: An Introduction to the World of Birds, led by David Toews
  • The Personal Essay: A Writing Workshop, led by Charles Green
  • Throwing Clay: A Pottery Studio Workshop, led by Julia Dean and colleagues
  • The Harried Gourmet: Tasty Meals in an Hour or Less, led by David D’Aprix
  • The Rowing Clinic, led by Todd Kennett
  • Bike the Finger Lakes, led by Rob Cook and staff of Cornell Outdoor Education

Week 2: July 10–16, 2016

  • "Free Enterprise": The Use and Abuse of a Key American Concept, led by Lawrence Glickman
  • Hip Hop: Its History, Music, and Culture, led by Rich Melina and Katherine Reagan
  • Focus on Aesthetics: A Photography Workshop, led by Jennifer Gioffre
  • Small Eats: An International Culinary Exploration, led by Therese O'Connor
  • The Golf Clinic, led by Cornell coach Matt Baughan and staff of Cornell’s Robert Trent Jones Golf Course
  • Paddle Boarding and Kayaking the Finger Lakes, led by Sarah Myers and COE Staff

Week 3: July 17–23, 2016

  • Putin’s Russia: The Soviet Past, the Democratic Experiment, and the Return of Dictatorship, led by Valerie Bunce
  • The Greatest Hits of Greek Tragedy, led by Michael Fontaine
  • The Science and the Magic of Fractals, led by Mircea Pitici and Severin Drix
  • Home Ground: A Residential Landscape Design Workshop, led by Michele Palmer
  • The Art of Video Production, led by Micah Cormier
  • CAU Bike Warriors Do Le Tour des Finger Lakes, led by Rob Cook and staff of CAU
  • The Sailing Clinic, led by Patrick Crowley and Fred DeBruyn

Week 4: July 24–30, 2016

  • Ten Great American Trials, led by Glenn Altschuler and Faust Rossi
  • How to Have and to Hold: The Art of Living with and Loving a Partner, led by Thomas and Karen Gilovich
  • Gorgeous Gorges of the Finger Lakes, led by Warren Allmon
  • JapanAmerica: Points of Contact, led by Nancy Green
  • Bonding with Birds: An Intergenerational Adventure, led by Jennifer Fee with Lindsay Glasner and Kelly Schaefer
  • The Wines Course 2016, led by Abby Nash
  • The Tennis Clinic, led by Anda Perianu

Week 1: July 5-11, 2015

The Intriguing Lives of Galaxies
Led by Martha P. Haynes
Taking Flight: An Introduction to the World of Birds
Led by Scott Haber and Scott Taylor
Alabaster Carving: A Sculpture Studio
Led by Roberto G. Bertoia
The Wines Course 2015
Led by Abby S. Nash
Thrills and Skills
Led by David Moriah

Week 2: July 12-18, 2015

Islamic Civilization
Led by David S. Powers
George Eliot's Middlemarch
Led by David Faulkner
The Walter and Susan Schenker Course in the Humanities/Creative Arts
Cornell Landscapes: A Painting Workshop
Led by W. Stanley Taft
The A. David Tobin Seminar in the Arts
The Rowing Clinic
Led by Todd P. Kennett
The Golf Clinic
Led by James M. (Matt) Baughan and staff of Cornell's Robert Trent Jones Golf Course

Week 3: July 19-25, 2015

Introduction to Nature Study
Led by Charles R. Smith and Jeffrey K. Keller
Bike the Finger Lakes
Led by Rob Cook and the Staff of Cornell Outdoor Education
The Miracles of Nanotextiles
Led by Juan Hinestroza

Week 4: July 26-August 1, 2015

When American Culture Popped: A Story of Leisure, Consumption, and the Movies
Led by Glenn C. Altschuler
The Ralph Janis Seminar in History
Food Truck Fare
Led by David D'Aprix
The Sailing Clinic
Led by Patrick Crowley and Frederick W. DeBruyn
The Tennis Clinic
Led by Anda Perianu