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Math: Personal Paths and Occasional Prodigies

Week 2:

This program is no longer available.
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In this intriguing seminar, we'll investigate our encounters with mathematics throughout our lives. We'll engage in the nature/nurture debate over the ways we learn math, consider what accounts for such extraordinary prodigies as Terence Tao, and study the characteristics of mathematicians, such as Leonhard Euler, who make brilliant, original contributions even at advanced ages. Mircea Pitici, who teaches mathematics courses at Cornell and is editor of Princeton University Press's annual series The Best Writing on Mathematics, will help us not to do math, but to understand the developmental, cognitive, and social aspects of our mathematical experience, from the fuzzy math of our babyhood through the computational processes of our maturity.

Mircea Pitici

Mircea has taught mathematics courses and writing seminars at Cornell University, Ithaca College, and Wells College. He received a teaching award from the Cornell Department of Mathematics in 2011 and the Buttrick-Crippen Scholarship awarded by the Knight Institute of Writing... > more


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