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Cornell University School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions

History-related courses

Cornell's Adult University

Adult and youth programs--travel around the world or have an education vacation on the beautiful Cornell campus--led by some of our most distinguished faculty!

Summer Session

Study with renowned faculty, earn credits, gain valuable skills, and complete requirements--on campus, online, or around the world.

AMST 1115: Introduction to American Government and Politics
ARKEO 2662: Daily Life in the Biblical World
ARTH 2600: Introduction to Modern Western Art, From the Age of Revolutions to the Age of Capital
ASIAN 2225: Literature, Politics, and Genocide in Cambodiaonline
GOVT 1615: Introduction to Modern Political Theory
HIST 1510: Introduction to Western Civilization
HIST 1591: A Global Approach to Modern Chinese History
HIST 3662: Women, War, and Peace in Europe, 1900-1950
ILRLR 1100: Introduction to U.S. Labor History
JWST 2662: Daily Life in the Biblical World
NES 2619: History and Politics of the Modern and Contemporary Middle East
NES 2662: Daily Life in the Biblical World
PHIL 1920: Introduction to Modern Political Theory
RELST 2662: Daily Life in the Biblical World
SOC 3310: Modern European Politics
STS 2871: Evolution
Summer Program in TurinEurope

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