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Cornell University School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions

Sci/tech-related courses

Cornell's Adult University

Adult and youth programs--travel around the world or have an education vacation on the beautiful Cornell campus--led by some of our most distinguished faculty!

CERN, Einstein, and Art: A Rare Insider's Tour

Summer Session

Study with renowned faculty, earn credits, gain valuable skills, and complete requirements--on campus, online, or around the world.

ART 1101: Art as Experience
ART 1102: Art as Experience II: TransMedia
ASRC 1900: Research Strategies
BIOG 3500: Introduction to Applied Science Communication: Digital Platforms and Public Engagement
BIOSM 4990: Research in Biology
COMM 2200: Media Communication
COMM 2450: Communication and Technology
COMM 3060: Connecting Experience: Creating a Personal Brand & Implementing an ePortfolio
CS 1610: Computing in the Arts
CS 1710: Introduction to Cognitive Science
CS 4410: Operating Systems
ENGRI 1610: Computing in the Arts
HD 1110: Growing up in the Digital Age: Identity, Relationships and Wellbeing in the Modern Era
ILRHR 2660: Essential Desktop Applications
INFO 2450: Communication and Technology
MUSIC 1465: Computing in the Arts
PMA 1640: Computing in the Arts
PSYCH 1650: Computing in the Arts
SPAN 2097: Monologue:Being in the World
STS 1101: Science, Technology, and Politics

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