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Cornell University School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions

Administrative Management Institute

August 6-9, 2018

Program sessions

Sessions are subject to change.

Creating a Culture of Innovation and Creativity

Howard Teibel

How do you build a culture of creativity and innovation? It starts with recognizing there are big ideas to be realized and encouraging a new set of competencies and skills. These new skills require uncovering the unseen forces that keep a team from excelling, including fear of failure, lack of candor, and unwillingness to put aside individual needs.

Workplace Scenarios: An Interactive Session

Cornell Interactive Theatre Ensemble

Featuring professional actors from the Cornell Interactive Theatre Ensemble, this session will give you the chance to explore opportunities for constructive dialogue as we work to create inclusive work environments.

Sponsored Programs Compliance: What You Should Know

Denise J. Clark

Many unit managers already have grants and funded projects as a part of their responsibilities. As academic institutions and departments increasingly pursue multiple sources of funding, even more managers will become involved in these areas. This session is designed to be valuable to all managers, whether or not they currently oversee sponsored programs.

Strategies for Managing Operational Risk

Mark Perry and Glen Mueller

Managers are responsible for managing assets of the university on behalf of their units and for the benefit of the institution itself. An important element of that responsibility is maintaining the highest ethical standards. In this session we'll examine financial stewardship and ethical behavior in the collegiate setting, highlighting the practices that create a positive control environment. We'll also identify the steps administrative managers can take to prevent and deal effectively with issues that may undermine their ability to fully meet their fiduciary responsibility.

Current Topics in Employment Law

Wendy Tarlow

In an era of expanding legal requirements and shrinking budgets, managers are under increasing pressure to make sound employment decisions that will withstand possible legal challenge. This interactive seminar includes a discussion of videotaped scenarios developed to address current topics in employment law, with a focus on identifying those "red flag" issues that should prompt a call to counsel.

Navigating the New Normal: Financial Imperatives for MSI Effectiveness

Gerald Hector

In this session, we'll look at some of the challenges of financing a small to medium-sized institution in the light of shrinking tuition revenue, lackluster fundraising, and increasing expenses. We will also look at ways that institutions are focusing on the changing demographics in the high school population.

People: Difficult or Different

George Myers

Learn how more effective communication can lead to increased engagement, collaboration, and ability to meet common goals and objectives for organizational success. Discover how understanding and honoring differences is the foundation for building trust, respect, and a commitment to common goals. See how using individual strengths and tapping into the knowledge and skills of others yield positive results for everyone.

Getting the Most out of Your Teams

George Myers

Discover the six characteristics that must be present for you and your team to increase and sustain the highest levels of performance. Experience an engaging demonstration of the components of teamwork, identify the characteristics of a high-functioning team, determine the steps for applying the characteristics to your team, and discover how behavior styles impact team performance.

Negotiation in Organizations: Rethinking the Way We Manage the Process

Stephen Sauer

This seminar will expose participants to essential theories and concepts for analyzing and managing the process of negotiation as it is practiced in a variety of settings. It will introduce a framework for planning and conducting negotiations and give participants an opportunity to develop skills through simulation exercises and role-plays.