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Cornell University School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions

The following information pertains to the 2018 program. If you would like to be notified via e-mail when information about the next offering is available, please subscribe to the Professional Studies announcement list

Administrative Management Institute

August 6-9, 2018


"AMI provided me with the opportunity to review with new eyes some subjects and to add new skills to my tool box - all done in a professional, interactive and fun environment."
—Carmen Vasquez, Bronx Community College

"Educational, informative, and a great way to meet new colleagues!"
—Roxann Johnson-Nance, Northeastern University

"The Cornell AMI program exceeded my expectations in every way possible. I left the program with a heightened awareness of the diverse areas within higher education, and developed some useful tools that will help me navigate many of the challenges I face in my position. The people I met were wonderful, and the staff at Cornell were amazing. I will certainly recommend this to my co-workers, and hope to return again someday."
—Jenna Reynolds, Ithaca College

"AMI provides a great opportunity to become familiar with or brush up on topics that all managers deal with frequently. Interacting with other managers from across and outside the country also provides great networking opportunities."
—Keith Goodwin, Assistant to the Assistant Dean, CALS Finance and Administration, Cornell University

"I found all the sessions very enriching and relevant to my current experience at work."
—Gloria Aluko, Principal Assistant Registrar, Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria

"AMI is an excellent program that provides you with many new tools that you can apply in your day-to-day work environment and to also share with your colleagues. It feels good to spread the knowledge you gain from AMI! I highly recommend attending."
—Cheryl Gombas, Business Administrator, Department of Entomology, Cornell University

"The program gave me a chance to step back from my daily routines and think about things at a higher level. I can't wait to get back to work and implement some of the new strategies I learned."
—Megan Tompkins, Dartmouth College

"I walked in on day one knowing I was an expert in my field of knowledge, but not sure I had what it took to ascend to the next levels of management. I walked out on day five empowered, prepared, knowing that I'm ready and that I have all that it takes to move up and grow my career. Thank you!"
—Wendy Pursell, Director of Student Accounts, Kutztown University

"AMI provided an excellent professional growth opportunity that targeted my strengths and experience, but truly expanded my portfolio in areas that I didn't expect."
—Laura DeNardo, Associate Director for Human Resources, Cornell University

"Attending the AMI Conference at Cornell University opened my eyes to a wealth of knowledge, experience, and engagement with professionals from various institutions around the globe. This was a week well spent. I made lasting friendships and connections that I am taking back with me to my institution. I highly recommend attending the AMI Institute to any person looking to sharpen their management skills, build their leadership skills, and network with top professionals in the field of higher education."
—Debra Diana, University Administrator, New York University

"The Administrative Management Institute was an amazing experience. The program has built a framework for our personal success and for us to facilitate for those around us. I appreciated the opportunity to meet colleagues from all over the world who sincerely want to make a difference in our respective institutions."
—Ron Huggins, Budget Analysis and Reporting Lead, Cornell University

"This week was a series of invaluable experiences: really excellent presentations from people who are obviously passionate and skilled at what they do; fascinating conversations with an impressive variety of other professionals; wonderful food. I have so much to take back to my staff and campus community."
—Sara Eddleman, Administrative Manager, Cornell University

"AMI was a wonderful opportunity to meet diverse professionals across higher education and beyond. The high-quality presenters and the information shared were invaluable to me. Thank you for a fantastic week."
—Jennifer Derry, Director of Training and Development, Villanova University

"I would highly recommend the Administrative Management Institute to my colleagues."
—Richard Soto, Director, Budget Department, Pratt Institute

"AMI provided me with a professional development program aimed directly at my management role. Other programs have not provided me with effective tools I can easily incorporate immediately after participating. The colleagues I met and interacted with all provided meaningful input into each session. Thank you."
—Janet Gilson, Finance Operations Manager, Dartmouth College

"Time and money well spent. Every employee serving in a leadership position within the business office should attend this training. Not only will the employee and the department/division derive a tangible benefit, but also the university."
—Brent Penny, AVP, Administration and Finance, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

"My AMI experience was fantastic. All the session were illustrative and educative. The staff is friendly and ready to help at any given time. The experience will really have positive impact at my desk when I go back to work."
—Folasayo Oyedele, Administrative Officer, Obafemi Awolowo University

"If you want an enriched, relevant, and professionally packaged training in higher education administration, AMI is the right one."
—Anthony Adeniyi, Doctorate of Council Affairs, Obafemi Awolowo University

"The program requires brains, promotes courage, and gives you heart as you move forward. All we needed were a couple of ladies fighting over a hot pair of shoes, and we'd have had The Wizard of Oz."
—Peter Boyajian, Manager, Finance and Administration, Tufts University

"I can honestly say I got something of value out of every session, which is unheard of for a training with as many sessions as were offered by AMI."
—Justin Morgan, Assistant Director, SFS, SUNY Delhi

"My first week back at the office, I applied the lessons learned from the 'Teams that Work' lecture. That class in particular helped me reframe my thinking on consensus building."
—Jean Songer, Executive Director for Development Administration, Penn State University

"Interacting with colleagues during the AMI experience expands both knowledge and insight into current trends and issues in higher education management."
—R. Jason Britton, Associate Director of Admissions, Widener University

"If you want to be a more successful higher education manager, it's imperative you participate in this program."
—Mary Glasscock, Assistant Vice President and Chief Business Officer, Georgetown University Medical Center

"As my first professional development seminar, I feel I could not have chosen a better program."
—Dave DeNardo, Budget Analyst, Duquesne University

"Dynamic executive education program. Moving forward, I will do so with much value added to my role as administrator."
—Margaret Cerrato, Director, Qatar Liaison Office, Georgetown University

"AMI is essential for higher education professionals, no matter their position. No other program offers the breadth and depth of information in such a dynamic format."
—Rob Cenczyk, Assistant to the Academic Dean, University at Buffalo School of Nursing

"Absolutely phenomenal. Top-notch speakers. I learned valuable tools that I can use not only in the business environment, but also in day-to-day personal relationships."
—Ann Aldrich, Financial Analyst, SUNY Fredonia

"The speakers at AMI were all first-rate professionals with a depth of higher education experience. As such they were able to provide a number of useful examples and cases to illustrate their points. They also drew out examples from the class, resulting in a highly useful exchange of ideas."
—Jacquelyn LeBlanc, Assistant VP for Academic Affairs, LIM College

"I enjoyed meeting people from other schools and hearing about their situations and experiences. In addition, I thought all of the seminars were helpful. I am recommending that a colleague attend next year."
—Peter McLallen, Director, Eastern University

"The most useful professional development seminar I have attended so far."
—Maria Papadakis, Assistant to the Vice President of Human Resources, Princeton University

"AMI has been one of my most enjoyable experiences in terms of networking and professional development. The small class size allowed me to chat with most of my peers socially, the beautiful campus here at Cornell was such a pleasure to explore, and the classes were relevant, applications oriented, and had a variety of presentation formats. I highly recommend AMI to everyone!" —Gregory Withrow, Associate Director of Student Financial Services, SUNY Plattsburgh

"I especially appreciated the exchange of interests, ideas, and current trends and issues of concern at participants' home institutions. We are all looking to be better managers and leaders and effect positive change. We do not have all of the answers, and I found information and experience that will be beneficial."
—Donna Jean Garrett, Assistant Director of Finance and Administration, Biomedical and Graduate Research, Georgetown University