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Cornell University School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions

Registration is closed for the 2018 program. If you would like to be notified via e-mail when information is available about the next offering of this program, please subscribe to the Professional Studies announcement list.

The Cultivating Inclusive Leadership Institute

October 1-5, 2018


Striving to develop diverse leadership and participation?

Seeking to address complex challenges and improve your own or your organization’s impact?

The Cultivating Inclusive Leadership Institute can show you how.

Bringing together people with different backgrounds and perspectives is critical to increasing an organization’s impact and reach.

But without the awareness, skills, and behaviors that foster inclusion, teams face a chasm between good intentions and intended outcomes.

Cultivating Inclusive Leadership can bridge that gap.

This highly acclaimed, change-oriented learning experience on Cornell University’s gorgeous campus brings together

  • practical tools,
  • research-based content,
  • experiential small-group activities, and
  • personalized learning

to help you hone the real-world skills needed to leverage the power of diversity in your workplace and community.

Before the program — led by dynamic instructors from the Natural Leaders Initiative, Cornell Cooperative Extension, and the Cornell Team and Leadership Center — you'll complete a questionnaire that will help leaders tailor the experience to your needs.

Throughout the immersive five-day institute, you will explore new frameworks, define desired results, identify promising actions, and develop a concrete action plan to integrate Inclusive Leadership skills, tools, and knowledge into your work and the work of your organization as a whole.

And three and six months after the institute, you'll participate in a video-learning session designed to support you as you put your plans into action, address challenges, and identify next steps.


  • Gain the perspectives, behaviors, and skills of Inclusive Leadership.
  • Learn research-based strategies and tools to harness the power of diverse groups.
  • Recognize and develop the diverse, untapped pools of potential leaders all around you.
  • Expand your comfort zone and build the confidence needed to develop, strengthen, and sustain diverse relationships.
  • Discover creative ways to use existing personal and organizational resources to accomplish your goals.
  • Develop a personalized action plan with clear, measurable outcomes.
  • Build a supportive network of peers with similar commitments.

Upon completing the program, you will receive a certificate from the Natural Leaders Initiative and the Cornell Team and Leadership Center. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are also available.

Who should attend?

Leaders are found at all levels of an organization, both with and without formal leadership titles. For this reason, we welcome participants from all ranks as long as they have the flexibility to experiment with new approaches to their work.

Those who have benefited from the institute include directors, program managers, team leaders, volunteer coordinators, educators, front-line programming staff, HR professionals, union leaders, and others in the public, non-profit, community, and private sectors with a commitment to building inclusive organizations and communities.