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Cornell University School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions

Cornell University Institute for Internet Culture, Policy, and Law (ICPL)

September 15-17, 2015


  • "This event provides access to high-powered professionals intimately involved in national and international events that shape U.S. policy affecting higher education. This stimulating and thought-provoking venue, and the Educause Policy website, are my go-to sources for current and emerging issues. Thanks for taking on this herculean task!" —Debra Dandridge, Texas A&M University
  • "ICPL continues to be the premier event for discussing IT policy and law in higher education. It provides the opportunity to interact with great minds in an intimate setting." —Doug Markiewicz
  • "This program consistently delivers vital information to anyone dealing with any IT policy issues!" —Arnold Barr
  • "Excellent, well organized. Everything flowed. Relevant issues, expert speakers, not a moment wasted." —Janet Kodish
  • "High levels of insight and scholarship offered. Wonderful interaction between presenters and attendees. A real participatory experience." —Carolyn Chan
  • "What I liked most about the program was having the chance to hear from others about issues that we should be thinking about." —Dave Weil
  • "The pacing was excellent." —Steve Smith
  • "Regardless of your area or position in higher education, this institute is an excellent education on topics of critical importance to the academy. The change to hear presentations by leaders in higher education and engage in nuanced discussions and critical thinking with presenters and participants for several days on incredibly relevant and important topics in higher education is worth many times more than the cost of the conference and lodging." —Tim Tolson
  • "What a terrific way to learn—hearing experts with years of experience tackle some of the thorniest issues of the day!" —Karrie Peterson
  • "ICPL is the most valuable experience of its kind for any IT professional who deals with policy, regulation, and the evolving laws of the Internet." —Patricia Cuocco
  • "This is a superb program—one that I add to my calendar as soon as the dates are available. ICPL provides a focused, interactive environment where topics of current and often pressing interest and importance are discussed." —Norma Kenigsberg
  • "I expected to get valuable lessons from the conference, but I was pleasantly surprised by how valuable they would be." —Eric Jernigan
  • "This conference helped me think 'outside the box' of day-to-day problems and focus on larger strategic issues within my organization." —Richard Israel
  • "ICPL provided me with real-world experience from colleagues in higher education that is invaluable in helping me prepare my own institution for the vicissitudes of dealing with an ever-broadening array of laws and regulations." —Anne Scrivener Agee
  • "It took me forty hours to get to Ithaca from Austin...[and] nearly that long to get back to Texas.... Even after all that travel frustration and aggravation, I can honestly say that the institute was worth it all and I'd do it again.... For me, the opportunity to interact with and learn from the best and brightest higher ed IT policy minds is priceless." —Don Volz