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Cornell University School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions

Registration categories

Cornell employees

Cornell University encourages its employees to take courses to help improve job performance and to assist in career and personal development.

To support this goal, the University waives tuition for benefits-eligible employees to enroll in up to four credit hours per semester.

To be eligible, you must be:

  • A regular, nonacademic employee or non-professorial academic staff member who does not hold voting rights at any college, university, or graduate facility;
  • ROTC military personnel; or
  • A temporary employee who receives benefits.

Note: Professors and academic staff must register as general registrants (for credit), as auditors (non-credit, with transcript), or through the Visitors Program (non-credit, no transcript).

The tuition waiver does not apply to physical education courses. In most cases, it also does not apply to participation in a special program; for these, you must pay the tuition charge and any fees in full and follow the appropriate registration procedures. For certain language and science courses with laboratory requirements, up to six credits may be taken at no charge with prior permission from the Office of Human Resources.

For more information about eligibility, restrictions, the Employee Degree Program, and part-time study for current professors, academic staff, and retired and laid-off employees, contact the Benefit Services office, phone 607.255.3936, email, or visit; or the Continuing Education office, phone 607.255.4987, or email


Employees must pay full tuition and related fees for coursework in excess of four credits per semester or for any special program. Also, a person who terminates employment while taking a course for which tuition has been waived must either withdraw from the course by the date stated in the calendar or pay the full tuition charge. An exception to this may be granted if less than 25% of the instruction period remains at the time of termination.

Please note that the tax treatment for employee benefits such as part-time study are subject to changes in tax laws, regulations, and interpretations. Contact the Benefit Services office for additional information, phone 607.255.3936, email, or visit


  1. Complete the course enrollment form (pdf).
  2. Ask your direct supervisor and your department head to sign the form. Their approval is required to register.
  3. Ask the course instructor(s) (or departments) to sign or stamp the form. The instructor determines if there is space in the class and if you have completed course prerequisites, if any. The instructor's signature or department stamp indicates you have permission to enroll in the course. If the college registrar's approval is required for your course, you should obtain it at this step.
  4. Make a copy of the completed form for your records. Mail or bring the signed form to the Continuing Education office by the registration deadlines on the academic calendar. You will be charged a $100 late fee if you register after these dates.
  5. You must pay all course fees, if allowable, or charge them to your bursar account, when you register. MasterCard and Visa are now accepted for employees who are not registered in a degree-granting program.
  6. Review the health insurance requirements, health history form, and immunization requirements on the health page and take action as needed. If you register for more than six credits, you must meet the New York State immunization requirements.