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Cornell University School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions

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Cornell retirees

Cornell University encourages its retirees to take courses. Retirees may be eligible each semester for up to six credits of tuition-free study in on-campus courses.


Retirees must pay full tuition and related fees for coursework in excess of six credits per semester or for any special program.


  1. Complete the course enrollment form (pdf). You do not need to obtain supervisors', department heads', or Benefit Service representatives' signatures as the Continuing Education office will obtain these for you.
  2. Ask the course instructor(s) (or departments) to sign or stamp the form. The instructor determines if there is space in the class and if you have completed course prerequisites, if any. The instructor's signature or department stamp indicates you have permission to enroll in the course. If the college registrar's approval is required for your course (see part-time study form), you should obtain it at this step.
  3. Make a copy of the completed form for your records. Mail or bring the signed form to the Continuing Education office by by the registration deadlines on the academic calendar. You will be charged a $100 late fee if you register after these dates.
  4. You must pay all course fees, or charge them to your bursar account, when you register. MasterCard and Visa are now accepted for retirees who are not registered in a degree-granting program.
  5. Review the health insurance requirements, health history form, and immunization requirements on the health page and take action as needed. If you register for more than six credits, you must meet the New York State immunization requirements.