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Cornell University School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions

Summer College 2017 is now full and underway!

Current students: See our accepted students pages for forms, mail, laundry info, and more.

Prospective students: Sign up for our e-mail list or 'like' us on Facebook to receive updates about CUSC 2018.

Video library

Cornell University Summer College— precollege programs
Introduction to Architecture Summer Program
"This Is" Cornell video by alums Silver and Tai
CU summer students tackle the Hoffman Challenge Course
Cornell University: Glorious to View
Student video by Pri Kumar: Meet Pri and other Summer College students
Student video by Pri Kumar: Life at Summer College
Cornell Changemakers: Summer programs help students enhance the lives of others
Social Entrepreneurship
International Student Perspective
The Fashion Studio
Aaron: Architecture Program
Mayra: Business Program
Professor Isaac Kramnick: Freedom and Justice Program
Michael: Biology Program
Maggie: English Immersion Program
Dr. Robert F. Young: Green Cities
Brendan: Engineering Program
Alla: Biological Research and Health Professions
Alina: Genius and Madness in Literature
Move-in Day 2012
Jahin: Engineering Program
Professor Chip Gagnon: International Relations