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Cornell University School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions


PLBIO 2450 Plant Biology

Course description

Introductory botany, including plant identification. Emphasizes structure, physiology, reproduction, and classification of flowering plants. Those who lack college-level biology are expected to work closely with the instructor on supplemental instructional materials. Outcome 1: Explain, evaluate, and effectively interpret basic Biological concepts. Outcome 2: Ability to distinguish among the major land plant lineages. Outcome 3: Ability to understand and communicate the basic principles of Darwinian evolution by means of natural selection and the major principles of plant biology.

This course is open to all registrants, including undergraduates and Summer College students.


PLBIO 2450 001-LEC On-campus 6-week session

Session:6-week session
Class dates:June 25-August 7, 2018
Days/times:M-F 1 PM - 2:15 PM Plant Science Building 107
Grade:Graded only
Instructor:Silva, T. (ts21)
Max. enroll:22

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