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Cornell University School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions


If you are a Summer College student in a credit-bearing program, you’ll enroll in one or more regular Cornell undergraduate courses. These courses are fast-paced and more difficult than high school or AP classes, so come prepared for a challenge. Students are evaluated by the same academic standards and procedures as undergraduate students.

Below are a few additional things to keep in mind when selecting your courses:

  • Be sure that you are eligible and that you meet the prerequisites. We will contact you if, after reviewing your application, we have any concerns about your qualifications for taking a selected course.
  • The content of Summer College courses is equivalent to that of courses offered during Cornell's fifteen-week fall or spring semesters. Consequently, you'll need to maintain an accelerated pace throughout the summer program.
  • Generally, three-credit courses meet approximately six hours a week. You should plan to spend about two hours a day outside of class preparing for each hour you spend in class. For example, for a three-credit class, you might expect to spend twelve hours per week on homework.
  • Because our courses are regular Cornell undergraduate courses, your classes may include undergraduate students as well as other Summer Collegians.