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Cornell University School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions

The information on this site pertains to the Summer College 2018 program. If you would like to be notified when 2019 information and applications are available, please join the Summer College announcement list. We also invite you to become a fan of our Summer College Facebook Page.

Eligibility requirements

See individual program pages for specific eligibility requirements.

To be eligible for programs open to:

  • Sophomores: you must be a current high school sophomore (or the international equivalent) at the time you apply to Summer College.
  • Juniors: you must be a current high school junior (or the international equivalent) at the time you apply to Summer College.
  • Seniors: you must be a current high school senior (or the international equivalent) and younger than 18 years old* by the start of the June programs.

*If you will graduate from high school in 2018 and will be 18 years old or older by the start of the June programs, you are not eligible for Summer College and must register through Summer Session as an undergraduate student.

Students must also have the demonstrated academic ability, maturity, and intellectual curiosity necessary to undertake college-level work.

Summer College does not interview prospective students. Instead, we get to know you through your application statements and letter(s) of recommendation. We also do not require that a student earn a specific GPA. We look at the student's entire application when making the admissions decision.

Please check the program dates before applying. Missing any time during the program will put you in serious academic jeopardy. This includes arriving late, leaving early, or missing any class days. We require students to be able to attend their program in its entirety.

When selecting courses, please be sure you meet all prerequisites. Also, keep in mind that your enrollment in courses, your grades, and the number of credits you earned will be recorded on an official, permanent Cornell University transcript. See "Credits, grades, transcripts."

Cornell programs for middle school students and high school freshmen

If you're interested in attending Cornell but are not yet eligible for Summer College, consider spending a week or two attending one of our nationally acclaimed CAU youth programs.