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Cornell University School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions

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Biology-related courses

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Professional Studies

Intensive learning experiences for students, professionals, and executives year-round, all drawing on Cornells renowned resources and faculty.

Cornell University Viticulture and Enology Experience (CUVEE)

Summer Session

Study with renowned faculty, earn credits, gain valuable skills, and complete requirements--on campus, online, or around the world.

ALS 1140: Explorations in Biology Research and Health ProfessionsIthaca
ANTHR 1300: Human Evolution: Genes, Behavior, and the Fossil Recordonline
ANTHR 3305: Anthropology of Parentingonline
BEE 3310: Bio-Fluid MechanicsIthaca
BIOEE 2070: EvolutionIthaca
BIOG 1009: Prefreshman Summer Program in BiologyIthaca
BIOG 1440: Introductory Biology: Comparative PhysiologyIthaca
BIOG 1500: Investigative Biology Laboratory
BIOG 2000: Special Studies in BiologyIthaca
BIOMG 1350: Introductory Biology: Cell and Developmental BiologyIthaca
BIOMG 2800: Lectures in Genetics and GenomicsIthaca
BIOMG 2801: Laboratory in Genetics and GenomicsIthaca
BIOMG 3330: Principles of Biochemistry: Proteins, Metabolism, & Molecular BiologyIthaca
BIOMI 2900: General Microbiology LecturesIthaca
BIONB 2210: Neurobiology and Behavior I: Introduction to BehaviorIthaca
BIONB 2220: Neurobiology and Behavior II: Introduction to Neuroscience
BIONB 3290: Field Animal Behavior
BIOSM 1610: Ecology and Marine EnvironmentU.S. (east)
BIOSM 1620: Marine Environmental ScienceU.S. (east)
BIOSM 1640: Introduction to the Biology of Sharks, Skates, & RaysU.S. (east)
BIOSM 1780: Evolution and Marine DiversityU.S. (east)
BIOSM 3290: Field Animal Behavior
CHEME 5540: Introduction to Molecular Simulation
Marine Science - Shoals Marine LaboratoryU.S. (east)
PLBIO 2400: Green World/Blue Planet
PLBIO 2450: Plant BiologyIthaca
STS 2871: EvolutionIthaca

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