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Student blogs


Wheaton, IL
Body, Mind, and Health
Summer College 2011
Hi everyone! My name is James and I just finished my junior year at St. Francis High School in Wheaton, Illinois. I am actively involved in my high school, whether it be though sports or clubs. I have been on the football team for four years and just finished the inaugural season of lacrosse at my school. Besides sports, I try and make a difference in my community. My most recent endeavor is initiating an organization called "Cleats for Athletes" where I collect gently used cleats and donate them to less fortunate athletes. Other than school-related activities, I love hanging out with my close group of friends. I am thrilled to attend Summer College this summer and am eager grow from experiences I will gain in the Body, Mind, and Health program. While studying at Cornell, I hope to learn a great deal from my renown professor and also to make lasting friendships. I am anxiously counting down the days until I get to explore what Cornell has in store for me! For me, Summer College is a first step to a lifetime of success.

Hey, everyone! I cannot wait until I leave for Cornell in two days! The anticipation is killing me. I am so excited about meeting my new classmates not only from other states, but from around the world! Although I know we all will have different cultures, backgrounds, and personalities, I also know that everyone will have one thing in common: our excitement for new adventure! I think Summer College will be a learning experience for everyone involved in it. Yes, we will obviously learn in an academic sense, but also learn about each other and make lasting friendships. Besides meeting new and interesting colleagues, I look forward to my Body, Mind, and Health class. Although I have not met my professor yet, I already can anticipate the breadth of knowledge that she will convey to us in a unique and interesting way. By attending Summer College, I hope to expand my horizons and build upon my present knowledge. I cannot wait to meet everyone and have a great time!

Where to start? The first week at Summer College was exciting, nerve-wracking, yet successful to say the least. Although I was nervous about my class at first, my nerves quickly died down after Professor Joan Jacobs Brumberg made all feel comfortable with her easygoing and personable teaching style. Professor Brumberg also walked around class the first day getting to know each student by name and where they lived. If that isn't dedication, I don't know what is. Besides cramming two books and one paper in all in one week, I have still managed to have free time at night to spend with my new friends.

This past weekend, my friends and I decided to explore more of Ithaca and took a cab to the downtown area where we walked around and then got a bite to eat. Since the weather here has been beautiful, we also have spent a lot of time outside playing beach volleyball or just reading our books under a shady tree. Other activities that took place during the first week included having a highlighter dance party and an "ice-breaker" mixer. Both events were very fun and offered me the chance to meet new people.

I look forward to this next week of class. Although we are discussing the book we just read in class on Tuesday, a project is due on Thursday as well. Although the task may seem daunting, I know with the help of the endless resources available to us, the project will be finished on time. Despite the heavy workload during the week, I look forward to the interesting and renown guest speaker that will present on Friday. Last week, Dr. Karen Fried lectured my class on the developing research on autism. To my surprise, the lecture sparked my interest and has made me more aware of a field that I could possibly pursue. I have learned that taking a class at Cornell is not all about getting the grade you want (although an 'A' would be nice); it is about learning more about yourself and your peers around you.

I am proud to say that I have never been so excited about going to school after a long weekend; I can't wait for another 2 weeks at Cornell!

Again, I am never unimpressed with what Cornell has to offer me. This past Monday, the 4th of July, I had no classes! Luckily that meant that I could catch up on my sleep. After a relaxing day, my friends and I went to go watch fireworks on Cornell's famous slope. When classes resumed on Tuesday, my Body, Mind, and Health class received our first grades in the class. As I continue to work hard in my class, I also continue to learn from professor Brumberg. Professor Brumberg really knows how to capture her students' attention. As always, we have interesting speakers, such as pediatric physician, Dr. Sanford Meyer. During class, Dr. Meyer and Professor Brumberg continue to help me see things in a new and interesting way. Due to the class, I have realized that I want to become a pediatric doctor just like Dr. Meyer. I am very thankful for being given the chance to meet with such renown figures in the medical community.

Going against the stereotype, I would just like to say that Cornell students actually do have to work hard AND have fun as well. Last week, my friends and I went to Buttermilk Falls to swim in the refreshingly cool gorges and climb the trails to view the beautiful natural settings. After that, we came back to Donlon Hall and then played a game of beach volleyball. Luckily, the weather has not been too warm out; it has been just perfect! [I don't want to jinx myself—we have no AC in our dorms!] Besides experiencing nature and playing sports outside, I enjoy spending time in the 3rd floor lounge with my friends. We enjoy going to the Commons and eating out in Collegetown. All I can say is that Cornell has been such an experience for me. I have not only academically challenged myself, but have also made lasting friendships.

I can't believe that I only have one more week at Cornell; hopefully I will be able to attend school full time here in the fall of 2012. I look forward to this next week in class! Although there will be a lot of work, I know that it will pay off in the long run.

As I sit in my familiar chair in my room, I realize how much I miss Cornell. I came into Cornell with a very different expectation of the class; however, I would not change a thing about it. The class opened my eyes to the less popularized side of medicine--the history of how modern medicine made its appearance. My favorite assignments in the class were reading the book "Singular Intimacies" and then learning about the ethics involved in medicine. Being a very analytical person, I had never really realized what medicine truly is. However, Professor Brumberg has broken my false conception that a good doctor is one who went to a prestigious medical school and has near-perfect scores in classic courses such as biology, chemistry, and physics. I have now realized that a doctor has to be a human: a person who can sympathize with their patients while being a personable leader as well. For teaching me this lesson, I thank Professor Brumberg and Cornell. Since I have taken "Body, Mind, and Health," I know that I will become a more respectable and successful doctor because of it.

Not only do I miss the intellectual stimulation that Professor Brumberg generously provided, but I miss my friends that I made. The friends I made at Cornell are friends that I would like to keep for life. Although we are from all different parts of the world, we all have one common thread that will all bring us back together one day: that one passion is our love for Cornell. When I first came to Cornell, I thought I would make friends solely with kids in my specific class. I was proven wrong. I did make friends in my Body, Mind, and Health class, but I also made friends with interests in Architecture, Engineering, and even Art as Experience! This diverse group of friends only proved to me what a diverse and accepting place Cornell is.

As I reminisce about Summer College, I cannot help but think about what the next month holds for me: my application to Cornell as an early decision candidate. Ever since I arrived at Cornell, I have known that it is the perfect place for me; it is a place for knowledge, a place for learning, a place for laughing, a place for living. Everything about Cornell is perfect for me. The educational tools are impeccable, yet accessible to students. The professors are world renown, yet still real people. The campus is sprawling, yet "gorges" at the same time. Cornell is a perfect environment for growth; a place I would be lucky to attend. I hope all of the Summer College students and prospective students feel the same way about Cornell as I do. Although I am partial, I know it is the best place to be.