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South Korea
The Digital World and You
Summer College 2011
Greetings everyone! My name is Ryan and I'm from South Korea. I'm a boarder at St. Anne's-Belfield School in Virginia. I came to United States in 8th grade as an international student. Until then, I lived in Korea. My favorite sport is soccer and I also play the cello, piano and guitar. I'm playing the cello in two orchestras and I play piano and guitar with my friends. In school, I teach some of freshmen as a peer tutor. I'm going to take The Digital World and You at Cornell. I'm really excited to take this course. I want to major in Engineering but I want to be a high school teacher. I've visited Cornell campus several times, because my sister went to Cornell. I'm hoping that three weeks in Cornell will be relaxing (compared to all the exams and AP's) but exciting and I can't wait until July. Have a great summer everyone!

The weather in Korea is horrible. It rained almost every single day. Even right now, it is raining really hard. However, I am so pumped for two reasons. One is that Korea is going to host 2018 Winter Olympics. The other is that I'm leaving to Cornell tomorrow!

A 20-hour trip is waiting for me right now: 14-hour flight from Seoul to NYC, an hour drive from airport to bus station, and six hour drive from NYC to Cornell. Yet, this trip doesn't seem too bad because I'm so excited about 3 weeks in Ithaca.

My sister graduated from Cornell last May and she told me lots of things about Cornell. She told me that there is a piano in the residence hall where I'm going to live. As I mentioned, I love playing piano, cello and guitar. However, it is too hard to carry around a guitar or cello on a 20-hour trip, so is there anyone willing to play his or her guitar with me? I am going to bring a soccer ball and cleats (I'm a huge soccer fan). So if there is anyone who wants to play soccer with me, I'll love to play with them.

I'm looking forward to meeting new friends and roommate. I'm hoping to make good friends to share interests and experiences with me! See you later Cornell!

I arrived at Cornell around 7 p.m. after a 20-hour trip, and the staff greeted me with nice smiles.

Oh my! The weather! In Korea, I complained about too much rain and cloud. Now, it is the opposite: HEAT. I hope nobody got sunstroke. My previous visits to Cornell were during winter, and I have never imagined such heat in Ithaca. My roommate and I tried our best to keep hot air out of the room, but we failed. Hopefully, the weather will be better this week.

My classes are awesome! There is morning lecture from 9 to 12 and afternoon lecture from 1 to 4:30. Time flies during classes: every day I was surprised that it was already time to go. My program is a computer science. I thought computer science is all about programming; however, I was wrong. My professor told me that programming is a mere tool for computer scientists. We have discussed concept, characteristics and development of the Internet. A big part of classes is participation. My professor wants us to give our opinion on the topics. With my introverted characteristics, it is very hard to keep up with discussion, but at least I am participating in it.

Because of jet-lag and heat, I was forced to wake up early. Most times my friends and I go to class before it becomes too hot and then stay where there is air conditioning. Also, I’ve been drinking A LOT of water. I’m keeping all the water bottles to count how many are they. For now, there are 18. I guess this number is a great indicator of heat.

See you next week!

The second week at Cornell was even better than the first week. As weather forecasts anticipated, the temperature has become much lower than last week. I am getting used to life at Cornell.

During this week, our class had really exciting experiences. I had my first programming experience. Also, there were TA lectures about social networking and 3D-Modeling. And we actually had chance to use 3D-scanners at Cornell. We had our first test about cyber ethics and submitted our proposal for the final project. My project will be about history and future of computing—how have computers developed and what future computers will be like. Our class also had a trip to the museum to learn how museums use technology to help audiences.

I cannot believe that two-thirds of this program have already passed. I am surprised how much I can be attached to people, place and program only in two weeks. I hope that everyone, including me, will enjoy the last week and Cornell.

See you next week!

After another 20-hour trip, I am sitting in front of my desk. I am already missing Cornell. My last week was incredibly busy. There was a test, debate, final paper and presentation.

Debate was on whether music downloading should be charged for or not. Unfortunately, I had a bad cold and I could not speak at all. So, one of my teammates had to read my prepared script for me. However, I got my voice back for my presentation, which was on the history and future of computing.

Packing was quick and I left the campus around 1 a.m. I was very sad that I had to leave just as I felt like this place was my second home. My summer of 2011 will be unforgettable. The experience here cannot be compared to any other experiences. I have learned a lot from this program and I would like to recommend CUSC for anyone who is looking for a special summer.

This is my last post and instead of "See you next week" I should wrap up with this:

Good Bye :(