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Student blogs


Millstone, NJ
Hotel Operations Management
Summer College 2012
Hey, I'm Sam! This summer I will be enrolled in Hotel Operations Management: Tactics for Profitability. I have been dreaming about a career in hospitality since I was eight and being a Cornell Hotelie since my cousin graduated from Cornell when I was in seventh grade.

I live in Millstone, New Jersey—a town so small we don't even have a high school. Instead we attend a neighboring town's school, where I have just completed my junior year. During my high school career I have taken multiple AP and Honors courses and have been an active member of National Honor Society, Latin Honor Society, Academic Team, Model United Nations, and LEO Club. Also, I have coached a fifth and sixth grade girls' basketball team and dedicated my summers to helping run my church's Vacation Bible School. Summer College will be the longest time I've been away from home, and I am thrilled to start my adventure!

So it's a week from Summer College and a lot of stuff's running through my mind. I still have a bunch to do and literally just got back from shopping for supplies with my mom (I can officially say that I can check rain gear off my list of stuff to buy for my stay at Cornell). With my school year ending yesterday, I have 1 official week of summer before Summer College starts and I think I'm going to spend most of it packing. I hope I don't forget anything essential!

A few nights ago, us 2012 Summer College kids, were alerted to which hall we will be residing in (MARY DONLON!!) even though our roommates will be a mystery until we get to Cornell on June 23rd. I can honestly say I have never shared a room with anyone and I am actually super excited for the experience. What I'm not so excited about is sharing a bathroom with a floor of people; I'm sure I'll be able to cope. Another point that worries me is that I'm sick with a cold as of now and I'm praying that it goes away before I arrive at Cornell.

Ta ta for now, Sam

Hey! Week one has been amazing! After getting through the introduction orientations for Summer College and the dorms, I've learned a lot and met so many new people (lots from Hong Kong!). Hotel Operations has the longest class hours of all the classes but it keeps me busy! Professors Mark and Reneta McCarthy are an amazing team with great personalities (no, Mark, I will not show you my right-click finger)! We have just finished our first PowerPoint presentations, which use so many tools that I've never even heard of! Also the TAs are great; they put up with my showers of questions and are extremely helpful. A special thanks to Levi, Jane, Sarah, and Jenna who are usually the TAs in my computer lab!

Outside of class is fun too! I've been to Buttermilk Falls, the movies, the mall, Target (my personal favorite), and plan on exploring Collegetown soon! Food is overall pretty good on campus so that's another plus.

Oh, and sharing a bathroom is not bad at all! There is hardly anyone ever in the bathroom except during the morning rush when the girls are putting on their makeup.

I do have to say that I miss my puppies Dioggi and Coco so much, but I am also having so much fun. Anyway I'm off to dinner then going to see some fireworks!

Until next week, Sam

I can't believe that this is my last week of Summer College! I love Cornell so much and pray that I'll be accepted next year. Although my hotel course is very demanding, I wouldn’t change my choice if I had the chance. Hotel Ops has one more paper due on Friday and then we're done! I can't believe this!

In other news, I have discovered Collegetown, which is a great place to get a meal or some frozen yogurt. If you're in Ithaca make sure to stop by Collegetown Bagels—it's awesome! Also I went to the top of the Clock Tower during a Disney music chimes concert. The music was great and the view was even better!

I'm determined to get to the Cornell Plantations, suspension bridge, and the A.D. White Library before my 3 weeks are up. (I also have to get to the Cornell Store to get my mom a sweatshirt—a must have!)

I hope time slows down so I can do everything and be with the great friends I've made for a longer time!

Summer College has been one of my best summer experiences ever. My three weeks in hotel ops was strenuous but worth every minute. Looking back I am extremely proud of what I accomplished in the course, which includes my first all-nighter. Hotel Operations has helped me decide that a hospitality career is the right choice for me. Not only did my three weeks at Cornell give me tools to use for college but tools that I can use in my senior year. I have learned that in a group environment I will take on the role of a controller/persuader, the idea generator and promoter. I have also learned a lot about the hotel industry as well as how to use Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and even Word more efficiently and effectively.

Although the summer program is college not a camp there was still plenty of time to socialize, explore, and have fun. I have made great memories from activities such as dorm pizza parties, origami parties, and spa parties. Most of all I've made great friends from all over the world that will forever hold a place in my heart. Summer College is indeed my first taste of college and I can't wait to have more in a year.

For those of you reading my posts trying to decide whether to go to Summer College, do it—you won't be sorry.