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Student blogs


Melbourne, FL
The Individual in the Social World
Summer College 2007
My name is Rachelle. I live in Melbourne, Florida (about 45 minutes from Orlando) and attend Melbourne Central Catholic High School. I have just finished my junior year. Due to my interest in psychology, I'm taking the "Exploration in Psychology" course at Cornell this summer. It will also be interesting to return to one of my favorite states (I was born in New York and lived in New Jersey for most of my life). I look forward to learning from the prestigious professors at Cornell. Since Cornell's psychology department has such a wonderful reputation, it's an honor to know I'm learning from the best. Aside from my interest in psychology, I enjoy writing. I especially like writing poetry. Some of my favorite pastimes in Florida are reading, hanging out with friends, and going to the beach. Music and sports are two of my other interests. I play basketball; I'm currently part of MCC's varsity team. I'm a shy person at first, but I enjoy meeting new people. I look forward to seeing new faces at Cornell this summer. Can't wait!

Whew! Well, the first week of Summer College was definitely intense. I have to admit, I wasn't used to the amount of walking I had to do. So far I'm really enjoying my stay here. The food is amazing. I love the scenery, especially the gorges. Overall it's really great to actually experience the "college life." There's a lot more responsibility and autonomy involved since you become more in control and responsible for when you study, eat, wake up, etc. Most of the other girls in my suite have to wake up early and have to attend their classes at nine o'clock, but I enjoy the extra sleep before attending my psychology lecture at ten o'clock. I'm pretty happy about my late class, since sleep is essential (there are so many social activities at night). After lecture, I attend a group session to discuss the information the professor conveyed. Luckily, our group has an unbelievable amount of chemistry, and it's safe to say I've made friends I'll definitely want to keep in touch with after these three weeks. They've made me feel at home; in fact, my seventeenth birthday was Wednesday and I woke up to my friends singing "Happy Birthday." Meeting other people is another wonderful aspect of Summer College; my suitemates are from different areas of the country. I've met people from different countries, including Saudi Arabia, Canada, and Singapore. I actually met another girl taking psychology and her birthday was the day after mine, which was pretty hilarious. This experience has already started to teach me lessons about responsibility and time-management, and I can't wait to get back to class next week!

Well, my second week of Summer College is almost over. It's surprising; it seems like just yesterday I was sitting in lecture for the first time! With one week left, I look forward to going to class and learning more information before our final exam. This past week, I found out that my professor, Professor Thomas Gilovich, co-wrote the course textbook. This information helped me realize that I really am learning from the best. Lectures are an hour and fifteen minutes long, but the time passes quickly. We've had quizzes each Friday, and the final exam is next week.

Despite the challenging course work, I've realized that Cornell continues to live up to its reputation. The food is amazing, the scenery is always refreshing, and the people never cease to teach you something new about life. This past week was full of fun events. Fireworks were two days earlier than expected -- July 2nd. My friends and I went to Collegetown, buying "Ithaca is Gorges" t-shirts (notice the play on words) and trying food at local restaurants along the way.

I'm really excited for the last week of Summer College. I'm especially looking forward to learning more in my social psychology lectures and discussions. Can't wait!

It's been a few weeks since I left Cornell. The last week of Summer College was full of incredible experiences. Lectures and discussion sessions were coming to an end. Students were either writing their final papers or trying to figure out what information to study for their final exams. After the final exams on Friday, you could see the relief on everyone's faces. We had all finally completed our Summer College courses. I feel more confident about the college courses I will have to take when I become a college freshman. Moreover, the course I took left me interested in learning more about psychology.

When I first arrived at Cornell, July 14th seemed like three months away rather than three weeks. However, early that Saturday morning, I couldn't believe three weeks had passed. My stay at Cornell allowed me to meet a lot of interesting people. Spending time with others helped make Cornell seem like home for the duration of the three weeks. I still keep in touch with several of the people I met. Sure, I went to Cornell to receive an introduction to social psychology. So when I left, I left with what I had expected to receive. I also departed with an eagerness to learn more about the subject. What made the whole college experience better was the fact that I left Cornell wishing I had more time to learn and more time with the friends I made.