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Cornell University School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions

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Student blogs


Merrick, NY
The Business World
Summer College 2012
Hi guys! My name is Michael; I live in Merrick, New York and attend John F. Kennedy High School, where I will be a senior in September. I can't wait to spend my summer in Ithaca! Deeply fascinated with business, I will savor my every moment in Cornell's The Business World course.

My claim to fame involves the insane numbers of hours I spend as a volunteer math and science tutor after school and for my friends. My extracurricular activities focus on business and community service such as Future Business Leaders of America and Students Against Destructive Decisions. I enjoy spending my free time with my friends—playing basketball and football, rivaling each other in video games, or simply hanging out.

I expect this summer to be my best one yet. I am beyond excited to accumulate business knowledge, meet new friends, and enjoy all the perks of the beautiful campus.

Hello! I am so excited to go to Cornell that I keep imagining myself there. My reveries include picturing myself meeting new people from around the globe, learning about business and working on projects with a team, and enjoying sports and other activities on the Cornell campus.

Simultaneously, I admit I have some concerns. Will the course work leave me time to socialize and participate in sports and other organized activities? So, my pre-studies resolution is to use my time efficiently and avoid procrastination.

In preparation, I have been shopping for some new clothes and collecting quarters for the coin laundry. An electric fan seems a “must-have” to combat the legendary Ithaca heat in the summer months. Looking forward to meeting all of you soon!

Hi everybody! My experience at Cornell has been amazing! I am enjoying meeting new people daily.

I am also thoroughly enjoying my course, Introductions to Business Management. The readings are informative and the discussions are insightful. Fascinating guest speakers like John Alexander and Jeff Shelstad visit us almost every day to tell us their business stories. Professor Taylor has set the bar high for future courses!

An average weekday consists of three meals of better-than-anticipated food, class, and hanging out with friends. The program offers intramurals every day; so far I have played only soccer, but I often play basketball with my friends.

My first weekend was great. On Friday, a group of us saw "The Dark Knight Rises," which was incredible. On Saturday, my business group worked on our project during the day, and at night I went to a dance, hosted by the summer program, at a local Ithaca club. Sunday was devoted to course assignments in the Olin Library and grabbing dinner at Collegetown Bagels.

One highlight of my stay so far happened on the second day. My friends and I went to the parking lot near the ice hockey rink searching for leftover snow. We found huge piles and had an awesome snowball fight, even though it was 90 degrees outside.

Two weeks have already gone by! I am internally torn: excited to return to friends and family, but sad to say goodbye to my studies and to the extraordinary friends I have made here.

Engrossing discussions, lectures, and guests speakers still constitute my in-class studies while challenging team projects now make up the majority of my out-of-class assignments. As my team and I strive to find, analyze, and organize information about Kraft Foods, I have learned how to research effectively, how to work as a team efficiently, and how to interpret financial data accurately. After working diligently on the first team project, we are now tackling the second one. For this assignment my group has to invest an imaginary $5,000 in either Kraft's or PepsiCo's stock and justify our reasoning. Taking this course has forever altered my investment strategies. Looking into the near future, I now review key takeaways and terms from the textbook chapters in preparation for the final exam.

After class on Friday I worked with my group in Mann Library and watched the opening ceremony for the Olympics. Saturday I jogged around the scenic Bebe Lake trail and was caught off guard when I saw a doe and her two fawns on the track! We all exchanged surprised glances. A friendly game of tennis during the day and a friendly game of beach volleyball at night rounded out a full day. For dinner, my friends and I ate at a Japanese restaurant called Plum Tree in Collegetown. On Sunday, two of my home friends came to take a Cornell tour and I joined them to make sure they recognized how terrific Cornell is. Later in the day, my group continued working on our project. Then I climbed the clock tower where I had a magnificent view of the campus and Ithaca and stayed to hear the chime masters' performance of Beethoven. Later, I went to Collegetown to treat myself to insomnia cookies and ice cream. I am totally loving my stay at Cornell.

I'm still shocked by how quickly my time at Cornell flew by. My days in Ithaca will definitely be the most memorable ones of my 2012 summer because of all the information I learned and people I met. Saying goodbye is always sad, but it's comforting to know that my new friends are only just a text or instant message away.

The last few days I spent a much of my time studying for my final exam, which I found to be a very reasonable test. I liked that the questions focused on general comprehension of the subject matter rather than on specific, trivial details, even though I spent a good deal of time memorizing those details. But my final days were also spent with my friends, whether attempting to form a study group or hanging out.

I definitely recommend to any future Summer College student that he/she stay for the graduation ceremonies. The ceremony served as a great conclusion to the business course. Professor Taylor recapped the highlights of the course and emphasized all the remarkable feats we had accomplished. It was hard to believe the large number of concepts and problems we encountered in just three weeks.

Summer College definitely altered my understanding of college life. At college nobody is responsible for you except you. All the resources are there, but you have to take the initiative and seek them out. The loss is yours if you don't; the benefit is yours if you do. My course also made me more confident in myself. I completed all the assigned work while having a great time with friends. I am no longer apprehensive about leaving for college; rather, I embrace the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.