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Student blogs


San Francisco, CA
Hotel Operations Management
Summer College 2013
Hi, my name is Joshua and I just finished my junior year at University High School in San Francisco. I was born and raised in San Francisco but am always up for a trek back East. At my school I play varsity soccer, am a member of the Jewish club, debate club, and volunteer twice a week coaching soccer at a local middle school. I love sports, food, movies, and traveling. I am fluent in English, French and have taken 3 years of Spanish.

This summer I will be attending the Hotel Operations Management: Tactics for Profitability, simply because it combines my love of traveling, food and language. I am excited to spend three weeks exploring a new campus, learning new material, and making new friends.


Hey everyone! My first week at Cornell has been eye-opening and amazing! From orientation, through my first week of classes, everything on campus has been new and fun.

During orientation Mark and Reneta McCarthy, our incredible teachers, spoke about the rigor of the Hotel Management course and how unique and special it would be. Well, one week later I could not agree more. Although our class has possibly the longest hours, those hours are not wasted. They are filled with Reneta's insight about the evolution and details of the hotel industry and complement perfectly by Mark's eye-opening teaching of Word and PowerPoint. Honestly I did not know I could do half of the stuff in Word that Mark showed in the past few days. Special thanks to my group mates Alina, Heejae, and Jazmin who have helped me through the first week.

Outside of class Cornell has so much to offer. My friends and I usually end up playing pick-up basketball at one of the school gyms, meeting more people every game, including Devin Cherry from the Cornell basketball team. Other than basketball, we spend a lot of our time in Collegetown and in Robert Purcell, playing pool.

Overall, the campus is stunning in the summer and even though I may spend most of my day indoors I still get plenty of time to enjoy summer campus life.

Until next week!


Only a few days left, and I cannot believe my three weeks of Summer College are almost over! Since my last entry my Hotel Operations class has kicked into a new gear, with more assignments, more quizzes and more hours of class. We have had a quiz almost every other day and at least two major assignments due each week. However, the difficulty of the class is perfectly appropriate for the wealth of new knowledge and information we learn every day.

When I am not in class, I am usually hanging out with kids from my class in Collegetown, Robert Purcell or in the room of whichever of my friends has the most food. Collegetown has been a go-to place for an early Starbucks wake up coffee; a relaxing afternoon and so far, Insomnia Cookies and Collegetown Bagels have become a regular staple in my diet.

Over the weekend I was able to go to Buttermilk Falls with a few kids from my hotel class and bond while cooling off from the scorching New York summer heat. So far the weather has consistently been either extremely hot and humid or hot and raining.

I am working on a final project with my group mates and am really getting a hang for analyzing Excel spreadsheets and writing concise business reports. Hopefully my final group report is a perfect cap to an amazing few weeks. Always up for the challenge, until next week!


Summer College has come to a close and what an amazing three weeks it was. I applied to the Summer College Hotel Management program in the hopes of discovering whether this field of study interested me, and the results were beyond anything I could have expected. After three weeks of intensive hotel study, I can't look at a hotel the same way. Whenever I pass a seemingly ordinary hotel, all I can think about is the brand of the hotel, the company the brand belongs to, and the group of students in my class who spoke about the specific hotel company. I find myself explaining the details of the functionality of a Real Estate Investment Trust to my friends and family and being perplexed by the lack of knowledge I once had about such a massive industry.

However, the class would not have been complete or as rewarding without the amazing kids I met and spent all of my waking hours with. Through three weeks our hotelie class was able to form a tight-knit community built partially on our equal elevated stress levels but also on our interest in the material. Now that I am back home, I miss the late night Insomnia Cookie study sessions with my classmates, the trips to the falls to cool off on weekends, and picking up a basketball at Helen Newman. All in all this was an amazing experience and I can honestly say that I got more out of these three weeks than I could have ever imagined.