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Marlboro, NJ
The Individual in the Social World
Summer College 2013
Hi, I'm Taylor! I live in Marlboro, New Jersey and in the fall I will be a senior at Colts Neck High School. I love to dance, play guitar, read, eat, listen to music, and hang out with friends. I will be taking the Psychology: Individual in the Social World course for the second 3-week session. This course interests me because I would like to have a better understanding of the social world and human interactions. Being an advocate for equal rights and part of my school's Gay-Straight Alliance Club, I have always wondered where certain stereotypes and opinions of groups of people sourced. I'm really excited to spend three weeks in Cornell making new friends and having a small glimpse at the college experience.

It's crazy how fast this first week has gone. My first day was pretty hectic; it started off with a Wegmans run and a half-hour wait in the Balch arch due to a fire drill. But after my parents left and I unpacked, things began to wind down and I began to settle in. My first week of class was busy and exciting. I thoroughly enjoyed my lectures, discussions and seminars. It was a lot of information to retain, but I think I managed. My first test was on Friday; it was slightly challenging but I felt prepared.

After a week of lectures and studying, I was overjoyed when the weekend finally arrived. On Saturday two friends, Amanda and Angie, and I walked off-campus to the Urban Outfitters just outside of the Ithaca Commons (highly recommended). Saturday night Angie and I watched movies in the Unit 2 Lounge in North Balch Hall and ate Insomnia Cookies that we had delivered to the dorm (also highly recommended). Sunday I mostly hung out until Sunday night when Amanda, Angie and I went to Sushi O Sake for sushi (again, recommended). If this week was any depiction of how the rest of my summer is going to go, then I cannot wait!


Wow, I can't believe this is my last week at Cornell! Time flew by so quickly. My time here has been awesome; I made so many new friends and memories that I will never forget. I've also learned so much from my Psychology class that will definitely be useful in my endeavor to major in psychology in college and when I psychoanalyze my friends (kidding about the latter). This week has been particularly stressful; I had a paper due on Monday and I'm preparing myself for the rapidly approaching and dreaded final. Fingers crossed I do well. My weekend was pretty laid back. I mostly just hung around campus with friends and worked on my paper. I did, however, go to the farmers' market on Saturday, which was wonderful, and I suggest you check it out. I've truly enjoyed my three weeks at the Cornell Summer College and I hope to take my new knowledge and experiences with me in the future, wherever I end up.


Overall, my Cornell Summer College experience was both exciting and insightful. I really enjoyed making new friends and trying new things. The program also gave me a look at what college will be like. The independence was refreshing and I feel more prepared for college life than I was prior to the program. Those 3 weeks really opened my eyes to new work ethics, new capabilities, and new freedoms. I did learn that with more independence comes more responsibility. Just because I don't have my parents to watch over me doesn't mean I can order in sushi and pizza whenever I feel like it. Summer College taught me self control, and I feel more able to fend for myself in the outside world and hopefully protect myself from the "freshman fifteen" when I enter my first year of college. My psychology class truly reinforced my passion for psychology, and I feel more confident about my pursuing a career in the field. Cornell's Summer College was a great way to spend my summer and an awesome preparation for my future as a college student and an adult.