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Cornell University School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions

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Student blogs


Summit, NJ
Hotel Operations Management
Summer College 2008
Hi! My name is Liz and I have just finished up my junior year at Kent Place School in Summit, NJ. I live about ten minutes away in a town called Westfield. I am so looking forward to the incredible opportunity I will be taking part in starting this weekend. I will be studying in the Hotel Operations Management program for three weeks and am very excited to learn more about the hospitality industry, something I have been passionate about during my high school career. I can't wait to experience the beautiful campus, great food (so I hear!) and make new friends while studying and exploring the hospitality business even in Cornell's very own Statler Hotel! Aside from the business, I enjoy playing basketball all year round, being with my friends and improving the non-profit organization I started two years ago, Shoes for the Soul, where we provide children across the country with shoes and now even prom clothes and jackets. I am so looking forward to this summer at Cornell and can't wait to meet everyone!!

I can't believe it's been about a week since I stepped onto Cornell's breathtaking campus. Although walking back and forth from the Statler where all of my classes are held to my dorm room is a long hike, I am already having a great time! Not only are my classes so interesting but also I have made some great friends, had a great weekend and been using the facilities whenever I can (especially the many fitness classes)! It was quite an adventure going to Ithaca's mall where I bought many new supplies and shopped with my friends. Also last weekend I experienced Collegetown, where there are a ton of cozy restaurants and shopping. Just yesterday in the Hotel School, I had my first presentation with my group and it was great. Learning how to be a close-knit team and preparing together was a great experience -- the final product was an even better one. The only problem I encountered this past week was with the Internet server; it was very easy to get help here, the staff has been terrific. I am looking forward to the upcoming two weeks and what my class has in store for me. My professors are great and the lectures are even better. I have another report due this Friday so I'm off now to get started!

This summer has been flying and it's already the last week! Our classes are still in full swing in the Hotel School and we only have one big report left that is due on Friday. Yesterday was the boat cruise. The entire program was invited including our professors and TAs. The sights were beautiful and it was so much fun to all be together and hanging out. Although it was extremely hot, it was definitely a nice break from class that we all needed. I love this campus more and more each day and have fully transitioned to all of the walking and daily routines. I can't believe it's already the last week and graduation is this Saturday! With the weather being so hot, I've been playing a lot of tennis and basketball. We even went paint balling on Sunday at a nearby Ithaca facility -- it was a lot of fun and was definitely worth all of the nerves I felt. I hope everyone is enjoying their programs as much as I am and that I'll see everyone on Saturday!