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Chennai, India
The Business World
Summer College 2013

Hello world,

This is K.E. Srivatsav, a grade-12 student studying in Chennai, India. Since the schooling system is different in India, it turns out that I will be missing three weeks at school while attending Summer College. Trust me, I thought over attending Cornell a lot but finally decided that my time at Cornell would be much more productive.

Being a math enthusiast, I spend a great deal of time reading books and papers written by mathematicians. I have always wanted to become a professor of mathematics. You might ask why I picked up Business World as my preference. Well that is definitely due to my dad's influence (a top-notch corporate executive). My affinity towards numbers and finance, I hope, will do a great deal to help my performance in the course.

I play table tennis and tennis with my friends here regularly and hope to continue at Cornell.

I am waiting eagerly to attend Summer College this year and more importantly, visit the ever-charming campus of Cornell.


It's been 7 days now and I am beginning to think this is the best university campus in the world... This place is so beautiful! Every day when I walk to class, I can't stop admiring the lush green fields, the scenic gorges and the old-classic buildings. The business class, being the biggest in Summer College, truly demands commitment. We have a lot of assignments which are really cool and professor David Taylor is really amazing. I have found the classes very interactive and enriching. Here's what my week-day routine looks like: 7:00 a.m., Wake up and freshen up; 9:00 a.m., attend lecture; 10:30 a.m., Discussion section with my wonderful TA Mr. Tomas, 11:30 a.m., Lunch; 1:30 p.m., Guest Speaker session. And then, I am completely free. I spend my evenings reading books in the physics department or playing some games with my friends. Days are passing like minutes in this charming campus. I guess I have to enjoy all what I can in this short time of 3 weeks...


It's not surprising that every time I sleep, I dream of being an angel roaming around in a fairytale heaven a.k.a "the Cornell campus." Yes! I dream of flying past Fall Creek, zooming through the marvelous Physical Sciences building and then stopping at Trillium Express for a delicious ice cream sundae. It is not surprising that the spectacular North Campus became my second home... and I do get attached to my homes.

Cornell has given me an unmatchable experience to explore out of my crib of fixed interests and investigate business. It worked out extremely well thanks to the constant support and inspiration from my professor, David Taylor, my TA Tomas Lucas, and the serene environment at Cornell.

My last two weeks at Cornell were nevertheless fast-paced. Amidst our assignments and deliverables, I prepared a list of "5 things to do" before I left Cornell: Climb to the top of the majestic clock tower; Visit Cayuga Lake; bowl at Helen Newman Hall; take in the view from the terrace of Clark Hall; visit the Materials Research lab, and see cool stuff like Van de Graaff generators. As much as I would have liked to explore more, I just didn't have time to complete my own five!

Apart from playing tennis with my Japanese friend, there were plenty of other ways to keep occupied during the weekends. A couple of us walked to Collegetown and had lunch in an Indian restaurant. While I taught my friends the "Indian way" of eating, they were indulging themselves in the lavish spread of food in front of them. The biggest experience you will gain from Cornell SC is the contact with people from various cultures and countries. Your horizon will broaden significantly.

I must mention the three people who meant the most to me during my short stint at Cornell. First, David K., a chem. eng. undergrad at Cornell. We were teammates for the final project in AEM1200. He was a great source of inspiration for me. We spent a lot of time working together and I must say that the time I spent with him made a great difference to my work in ethics and culture. Second, Prof. Ravi Ramakrishna. Being a cray math freak, I decided one day to just walk into the math department and meet a professor. As recommended by David, I met Prof. Ravi Ramakrishna who is apparently one of the best profs in the math department. I told him about my interests and asked him what it takes to be a professor of mathematics. We slowly slipped into talking about numbers and their philosophy (All mathematicians tend to connect everything to math at some point.). He was impressed and generously handed me a couple of his own research papers and most importantly gave me his own personal copy of a famous book! Third, I must mention Prof. David Taylor, probably the coolest prof who has ever taught me. Being a Japanese resident, he talked a lot about the Japanese culture and the way education and work are treated there. He is filled with knowledge and passion, and I can only say one thing to next year's batch... you will be lucky if you get to experience a taste of Taylor...

To contain my experiences in this mere blog post is most definitely impossible. To wrap it up in a few words: I just wish I stayed here forever!!!


Summer College was a great time indeed. For a student who missed school for three weeks and travelled a long distance to attend the course, Summer College did prove to be many times more productive and enjoyable. I learned a lot, made a lot of new friends, played a lot, learned how to play lacrosse!!! (back in India, we have no such thing). The admissions workshops gave me first-hand information about the admissions process in the US (which is very hard to get in India) and I found them very informative and guiding. This small paragraph cannot really enumerate the wonderful experiences I had at Cornell but I can say one thing for sure... The three weeks in Cornell have really inspired me to work harder and come back to Cornell as an undergrad maybe next year!