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Student blogs


Chatsworth, CA
Cornell Engineering Experience
Summer College 2008
Hi! My name is Kristin. I just finished my junior year at Chatsworth High School in Chatsworth, California, just north of Los Angeles. While here at Cornell, I plan to learn more about engineering while in the Topics in Engineering Program. I figured I should learn more about what my dad as well as my grandfather keep talking about. I thought that my interest in math and science at school would go along with the concepts in engineering. Some of my hobbies include swimming with my school team and playing with the marching and concert bands at my school. I am also a Senior Girl Scout and working on my Girl Scout Gold Award. Coming to Cornell for the summer will be a completely different experience for me as far as summers go. Normally I just travel places with my family for a couple of weeks. This summer will be different as well as exciting!
This fifth week of classes started out slow, but gradually got faster until it finally reached the end of the week. My classes, I feel, have become much more interesting than when I first started. One of the most entertaining things we are currently working on in my Intro to Engineering Lab class is physically building a robotic car that will be tested in strength and speed among the other cars of the class next week. I would say that finding a way to cut the wood into the pieces that we needed to construct the car was the most challenging task. The construction process is going good though, other than that small mishap at the beginning.

Besides just going to classes, I have also started to explore the campus more often. When I first got to Cornell, I did not have the interest to see what the other parts of campus were like. However, after about three weeks, I really wanted to see what the other parts of campus, rather than just confining myself to the halls that my classes are in. But I did not want to explore by myself. So I found someone who was willing to do the crazy exploring with me. Mostly starting this week, we would meet up with each other after classes and just start walking in one direction, which usually takes us to interesting places that we would not normally see. Now that it is the end of week five, I feel that I am going to do more walking than normal during week six to see as much as I can before finals come up.