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Student blogs


New York City
Biological Research and the Health Professions
Summer College 2008
Hi, my name is Maia. I live in New York City, Manhattan to be exact, but I go to Saint Ann's School in Brooklyn Heights. I finished my junior year last week, and am so looking forward to being at Cornell this summer. I have always been really interested in science so I am taking the Biological Research and Health Profession program to help me figure out which area I enjoy the most. I am taking Intro to Cognitive Science and Intro to Philosophy; I don't have these classes at my school so I'm excited to have the opportunity to learn about the subjects. My school is quite small so I am hoping to meet lots of new people this summer, and make lifelong friendships. I can't believe I'm going to be at Cornell by the end of the week!

It is absolutely crazy that it has been one full week since I arrived at Cornell early last Saturday morning! So I said I was going to be in Intro to Philosophy, but I decided to switch to Intro to Psychology: well I'm glad I chose Psychology because I have found that I love it! Yes, I kind of enjoy the nightly 30-page readings. Since my Cog Sci class doesn't start until 11:30, I get to sleep in until about 9:45. I then walk over to Trillium at Kennedy Hall to eat brunch, which consists of pizza (it is so good!).

I joined the gym thinking that I would go every now and then, but I actually wind up going every day - I'm not a big exercise bug but I definitely love working out now. Both of my classes give a lot of reading so it seems that all I do is eat, sleep, talk to friends, and go to the gym. You'd probably agree that it's a good life.

I live in Mary Donlon, and I still can't believe how large the dorm rooms are! This one room is definitely bigger than my room at home! I've already met people from South America, and the South of America (Texas), and my roommate is from Shanghai! Actually the girl who lives right on the other side of the wall I met at a college tour the day before coming to Cornell; it's such a small world! I absolutely love Cornell so far, even though I am working nonstop, and all the people here are so nice and smart. I can't wait to see what the next 5 weeks have in store!

I still cannot believe that 3 weeks has passed already! A bunch of my friends left yesterday, and I miss them and it's really weird to see the new people moving in. The newbies actually woke me up with all the carts moving around outside and the loud voices. So today, despite all the new people moving into Donlon, I am going to study because I have a psych midterm tomorrow. My cog sci midterm was on Friday; I survived my first college exam. Speaking of classes, my bio class, which only meets twice a week, is a great insight to all the different professions. Just last week we dissected a chicken (it was so gross but so cool!) and we have speakers come every week to talk about their different areas of research. Before the chicken dissection, a couple of my friends and I went to the infamous Dairy Bar. It was obviously really good, but eating dairy right before dissecting a chicken? Not the best idea.

The weather here has been kind of frustrating lately, it's really humid and in the daytime it can get really hot. But there's this one room in the lobby of Donlon, we call it "Antarctica" because the AC is always on full blast. "The Freezer," as others call it, is a really nice room to be in when the weather gets gross and just hang out with friends.

Even though the past 3 weeks has legitimately flown by, I am so excited to see what the next three can bring!

So the last time I've written feels like years ago! As we are starting the last full week here at Cornell, my friends and I have been reminiscing about all the good experiences we have had. We have gone to the Ithaca Mall nearly every weekend for clothes and movie runs, Collegetown for the bagels and discounted college paraphernalia, downtown Ithaca for LAZER TAG, and we have certainly frequented the TCAT bus system. We have also walked through the Plantations, had ice cream every day at dinner, ordered in food from nearly every restaurant in Ithaca, bowled in the lanes at Helen Newman (the gym) and have been rained on. We have played glow-in-the-dark capture the flag all over North Campus, gone to raves (RCA-planned, of course), and taken thousands of pictures of all the beautiful scenery. We have successfully kept ourselves, our clothes, and our rooms clean, and have managed our time so that we could work and play. We still need to go up to the clock tower to hear the bells ring and see the apparently spectacular view, buy Cornell clothes for family members and friends, and study, study, study for finals. I have had the best summer to date, and I certainly do not regret coming here. When I first arrived, I thought I was going to have the longest 6 weeks of my life! With one week left, I am still amazed at how fast the time flew by (it must have been all the time spent studying that did it). My birthday is on Wednesday, and my best friend Katie has hers on the following Monday; so we also need to plan our joint birthday dinner - another thing to add to our seemingly endless to-do list. I know I've already said it, but it is just ridiculous how quickly these 5 weeks have passed, but I don't have time to dwell so I'm going to go study.

I can't believe that I am at home. I hate being home, frankly, and I miss everything and everyone that was at Cornell. I am actually video-chatting with my best friend who is still in Ithaca. She is going to do some college touring, but she lives all the way over in Los Angeles. We have been texting all day long, and I can't even come to believe that I'm no longer in the same city let alone room as her. All of these amazing people that I have met have changed my life dramatically (as cheesy as that sounds, it's the truth). I honestly feel ready for college and definitely prepared for senior year of high school. Everyone that I have talked to today who has gone home has complained about feeling "empty and sad." Despite feeling lonely, I had the best summer of my life to date. The variety of amazing people who were both nice and smart, and all the Cornell facilities, have really exposed the university in a way I would have never imagined. One of my friends is coming back as a freshman next year and I definitely want to visit and see how different, if at all, it is during the school year than during the summer. Despite all our dislike for other programs taking over the Robert Purcell Community Center and Appel dining, I have enjoyed every second of the past 6 weeks and can never regret such an experience. I have made life-long friends over the recent month and a half and even today, when everyone is in their respective cities, I have learned new things about people that I hadn't really talked to all summer. I will never forget Summer College 2008 at Cornell University.