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Student blogs


Glencoe, IL
Art as Experience
Summer College 2006
My name is Erik, and I am 17. I live in Glencoe, a suburb north of Chicago and attend New Trier, a high school of over 4,000 people. I have always been interested in art, and will be taking the "Art as Experience" three-week course at Cornell this summer. Besides advancing my drawing and painting techniques, I am looking forward to meeting new people from around the country. Also, I want to meet great professors, and experience Cornell life. In addition to art, sports and music are also important to me. I pole vault and run hurdles on my school's track team and love playing football and volleyball with friends. Also, I play guitar in a band. My friends and I always find new activities to pass the time, such as skim-boarding, bowling, Frisbee-golfing, and competitive eating. Can't wait for Summer College!

I leave for Cornell in four days, and I am looking forward to everything except waking up at 4:00 am to catch my flight. I hope to get a good feel for the campus and classes. I know that I have a decent work load, but I expect to learn much and have enough free time to explore the campus and hang out. Also, I am excited about the meals, as I have heard that the food is great. I have also heard that the dorms are not air-conditioned, so I'm hoping Ithaca doesn't have a heat wave. I am eager to experience Cornell and excited to meet new people.

My first six days at Cornell have been awesome. I have learned a lot in my art class so far, and have a great teacher, though our lectures and readings are complicated, and I have to wake up early to catch my nine o'clock class. Also, it is very hard to get enough sleep because of all the social distractions at night, so I often find myself having to nap. The campus really lives up to its reputation. The food is phenomenal, and the buildings and landscape are beautiful, gorges and all. I was also impressed by all the different intramural sports and social activities that are available in our free time. I have met so many interesting people, many of whom are from outside the U.S., which is really cool.

My second week at Cornell has been phenomenal. Not only have I grown closer to my friends, but I have also made many new ones. I continue to meet people whom I do not know, which reminds me of the amount of people enrolled in summer college. This allows for a great social scene, and there are always fun group activities to do during free time. I have already accomplished a lot in my class so far. I just finished a painting project, in addition to two drawing projects and a photography assignment. Also, my class got to go out of the classroom for excursions. These have included a trip to the Johnson Museum of Art and a visit to a local artist's private studio, both of which have been very enlightening.

Packing up my room and saying goodbye to my friends made me very sad. I made some close friends who I will remain in touch with. I know that I will miss the campus and everyone in it. My class was well worth the work, as I feel that I have an increased understanding of art. This experience and the information I got on the Cornell Art program for Undergraduates was very helpful, and I am definitely going to further my study in art. I thoroughly enjoyed living like a college student and the independence that came with it. This was a great experience, and I am even more excited to go to college in a year.

Having just returned from a family vacation to Spain and in the midst of preparing for the start of senior year, it seems like summer went way too fast. Looking back, my experience at Cornell was the highlight of my summer, and I feel that it will ease my transition to freshman year. Also, it gave me a sense of a large campus environment. Cornell in the summer is truly "gorges." It was great meeting so many different people, and I am keeping in touch with many of my new friends. Cornell is now definitely one of the colleges to which I am applying. I highly recommend Cornell Summer College to anyone who wants to gain knowledge in a certain field and experience college life, and have fun at the same time.