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Student blogs


Taipei, Taiwan
Hotel Operations Management
Summer College 2015

Hi there! I'm Jeffrey, a rising senior at Taipei American School in Taipei, Taiwan. I was born in Massachusetts, but have lived in Taipei for the majority of my life. I participate in musical theater, sing in a choir and an a capella group, work in Student Government, volunteer as a new student ambassador, and serve as president of Tri-M Music Honor Society. I also run the Cambodia Service Initiative, an organization I founded in my sophomore year that raises funds and awareness for the substandard living conditions in Cambodia to complement the service trips we go on for Tabitha Foundation.

I will be taking the Hotel Operations Management course, which runs for three weeks. Having spent the past few summers interning at hotels in Taipei and Guam, I am extremely excited to gain new insights on the hospitality industry, make new friends, and enjoy picturesque Ithaca!


Hi guys! The first two weeks at Cornell have really flown by. The coursework of HAdm 1101 is stressful, but ultimately amazing. Orientation kicked with sublime videos of Cornell and ended with a hilarious speech by the Dean of SCE, Dr. Altschuler.

For starters, the Cornell campus is huge. You will most definitely get lost on your first few days. Make sure to scope out Statler Hall on the weekend you arrive!

I live in Mary Donlon, a dorm right beside Robert Purcell Community Center (RPCC). RPCC is where we eat on campus so walking to the cafeteria has been a breeze. Hotel students, will most likely need to work extensively with their groups at RPCC's computer lab. Yes, we get out of class at 6 pm every night, sometimes 9:30 pm. However, the work does not end there. You will need to occasionally go to RPCC to work on a CHESS Memo or your hotel company presentation.

Last Monday, I presented with my fellow group mates Dustin and Hayley, a hotel presentation on Hilton Worldwide. It was fascinating exploring the various brands that Hilton offers and learning about the key players in the industry. Last Friday, we submitted our short CHESS reports. I ended up staying till midnight finishing my report. In addition to submitting our short reports, we also had a guest lecture from Barbara Lang, a past Cornell SHA professor, on living a hospitality mindset. Last weekend, my friends and I went to the Farmers Market. The breakfast there is to die for and it definitely shows you a different side of quaint Ithaca! To get there, simply grab a couple of your friends and call a taxi service. They will conveniently pick you up outside your dorm.

It rains quite a bit and unexpectedly in Ithaca. Make sure to bring a pocket umbrella!

These past two weeks have honestly been so exciting. I am already weary thinking about next Saturday's graduation. I don't want to leave!


Summer College has come to an end, and although hackneyed, it's been life-changing. I feel as though I am not the same person I was three weeks ago, in every positive way possible, of course!

During the second week of the program, we presented our hotel company presentations, ran the CHESS simulation, learned business computing skills in Microsoft Office with Mark, and learned yield management and transient displacements in the industry with Reneta. In my previous post I mentioned that during the same week, we had a guest lecture from Barbara Lang, a previous SHA professor who now works as a business consultant and advisory chair of EGBOK. Barbara Lang bestowed upon us very valuable information about living a life with a hospitality mindset, and that gracious hospitality should not only just be offered in the industry. The highlight of the second week for me was definitely meeting Barbara Lang and hearing her talk about EGBOK, an organization set up by SHA alumnus, Ben Justus, that provides hospitality training for young adults in Cambodia. I was able to connect and relate my experiences in CSI to the work Ben Justus and Barbara Lang do in Cambodia.

The third week honestly flew by faster than any other week. We had the week to work on our final CHESS report, listened to multiple guest lectures from industry leaders, and learned about the SHA admissions process with Ms. Heather Fortenberry. We wrapped up the course talking about behavioral styles and how they affect the group working dynamic.

Graduation ended on a bittersweet note. I was glad and felt extremely accomplished in turning in our final reports. However, it was so melancholic to have to say goodbye to everyone.

My experience at Cornell was truly amazing and has left me excited to apply to Cornell. To anyone interested in taking the Hotel Operations Management course, sign up now! You will leave the program enlightened, excited to learn more about the hotel industry, and wanting to attend Cornell. The people you will meet, the work you will do, and the food you will eat will make every day worthwhile.

Thank you, Mark and Reneta for the invaluable information you have shared with us. Hannah, Kyra, Oren, Killian, Brett, and Ellis: thank you for always being there for all of us and helping us out when we felt so lost. Thank you to all my amazing, friendly classmates. And of course, how could I forget to thank and mention my wonderful Group 2B and B fam for making my experience at Cornell so memorable.