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Cornell University School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions

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Student blogs


Plano, TX
The Business World
The Individual in the Social World
Summer College 2009
Hi my name is Geetsikha and I am a rising senior at Plano East Senior High in Texas. I've been living in Plano ever since I was seven years old. This Texas suburb has a multitude of cultures, and being exposed to such diversity has ignited in me a passion for working with people. As a result, I adore the field of business, and am ecstatic about the courses The Individual in the Social World and The Business World.

I enjoy writing, sketching, reading, singing, listening to music, and volunteering.

I've worked closely with the organizations Habitat for Humanity and Plano Teen Court. For me, volunteering not only allows me to contribute to the community that has given me so much opportunity, but also provides to me an avenue through which I can channel my compassion. With all the competition in the world, such experiences, I feel, keep us human.

The first week of the Summer College experience has been nothing short of amazing! The Summer Cornellians from across the nation and world are a dedicated bunch of individuals who are also incredibly balanced in terms of knowing when to study and when to enjoy their free time. It feels refreshing to see all the new cultures and regions represented here at this phenomenal university. I feel truly honored to be a part of this extraordinary group of people!

The ice cream social during the first weekend was a truly memorable experience because every person who I was able to talk to had some aspect of their life that struck me as interesting. For example, one of my new friends has lived in five different countries outside of the United States. I've never known anyone who's moved that often, and it was interesting to hear about her experiences in those countries, and how they differ from her experiences here in the States.

The class The Individual in the Social World has been an enlightening experience. It is fascinating that such seemingly simple concepts are at the very core of all human motivations. In other words, it has been eye-opening to take everyday situations and analyze them from psychological viewpoints, because then, when these situations are reflected in our lives, we have a better knowledge base for making sound decisions. The class has been a joy and Professor Gilovich is both engaging and helpful in his manner, an asset for his students. I don't merely see the course as a class to simply get credit for, but rather an experience that I can grow from.

Cornell itself has been marvelous. With the scrumptious food, and the countless activities at our fingertips, it would be hard for one to find himself or herself with nothing to do. With a gorgeous city nestled around a beautiful campus, what more is there to ask for? I am loving my summer here so far, and I have a feeling that my love is going to grow. All the best to everyone out there and make this summer one to remember!

The second week of the program has definitely been a step up in difficulty! In my psychology class, we were reading a lot more material and having more long afternoons of studying. I also have a paper due on Monday that will not be writing itself no matter how long the assignment sits on my desk.

But despite the rigor of the classes, I did find time to unwind during the Independence Day weekend. The fireworks, the IndepenDANCE, the Donlon toga party all provided me with memories that will last my lifetime.

Usually my day starts with me getting up, either by alarm clock or my classmate from down the hall barging into my room, taking a quick shower and then scurrying off to the Appel Commons for breakfast.

After carefully timing our departure, we arrive early to our lecture in 157 Sibley Hall. Professor Gilovich, in his jovial and engaging manner, explains to us concepts of social psychology and encourages us to stretch our minds as we explore the depths and motives of human behavior. After the lecture we divide into sections and go down to Uris Hall to discuss the lecture of that day.

My teacher assistant, Rachel Ryan, ever helpful and insightful, always plans out demos through which we can broaden our understanding of the abstract theories taught in the lecture.

On Mondays and Wednesdays, I look forward to the Career Seminar in Psychology conducted by Mrs. Carr. The seminar provides to all of us an understanding of the real-world applications of psychology and, personally, deepens my interest in the field. I love the fact that psychology is so flexible in its application. It's one aspect of the field's inherent beauty.

It's hard to believe that there's only one more week left for this session, and it's come to my painful realization that I will miss my roommates and my new friends very much so. I hope we will keep in touch despite living in different parts of the world, and am holding on to the hope that maybe sometime in the future, we shall cross paths yet again.

As one story ends, inspiration for a new one begins. With this thought I wish to suppress the overwhelming sadness I feel upon the conclusion of the first session of Summer College and instead focus on the joy evoked by the memories that were created.

As a goodbye, my friends invited me to a picnic on The Slope, and it was a marvelous afternoon of eating and sleeping in the sun. We talked about our futures, made senseless, silly jokes and said our extended goodbyes, accompanied with promises to meet up, and these promises we intend to keep.

Our final exam for psychology went by quickly, and the last lecture was excellent (we got to discuss psychology in movies)!

I'm going to miss my lecture buddies…and I wish them all the best in their future endeavors…and hope that they will remember this teen from Plano, Texas. I'm going to miss my roomies and I hope they had a safe, hassle-free trip home. I miss you all.

My luck extends out to everyone…may the experiences you gained here at Summer College provide you with a toolbox to achieve success.

This coming Monday is when my business class starts and I am looking forward to it since I do wish to go into the field of business.

Three more weeks to go…I can't wait to see how the summer turns out… Until next week, good bye!

The first week of my second session Summer College experience has been awesome! Like my first week, I saw fresh faces yet again, from all across the nation and world. It was the first day all over again. The whole day felt like a case of déjà vu…I also did not mind the sense of seniority. Whenever people would be at a loss in terms of where to find Appel, I would help them find it, and the familiarity felt nice, to say the least. Cornell has come to grow on me. It truly is one of the most amazing universities in the world.

The class “Introduction to Business Management” has been the best. The size of the class is a little scary…about 160 students, but Professor Taylor does a fabulous job of making every single person feel included at lecture. He does this by walking up and down the aisles, and having us all have our names in front of us. Professor Taylor also engages us in random conversation, so we have to be alert, or be embarrassed in front of a lecture hall full of students. He also has a lottery system set up for Lunch with the Professor, and so everyday after lecture, we all wait to see if our name is called.

But I would have to say that the highlight of my week was watching “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.” I have not seen Daniel Radcliffe on screen for about two years! But as the saying goes, the journey to the destination is part of the fun, and our case was no exception.

On the way to the bus stop, I realized I left my bus pass behind, so we had to go back half-way. I do not think I have run faster any other time than that moment when we had to catch that bus for the 5:10 Harry Potter showing, and in flip flops! The movie was amazing, and afterwards my friends and I were gushing over the Harry Potter poster outside of the theatre. We plan on going back to the mall next weekend to explore it and the area further.

All in all, it's been another great week here!

The second week of the business program has gotten more difficult, as now there have been 2 assignments due, as well as a presentation looming over the horizon. But all is swell because my group is amazing. I have met a lot of new people in my class of about 160 students, and I believe it’s safe to say that I have made some life long friends.

We had a Masquerade Dance at the Robert Purcell Community Center and it was a lot of fun, as I went with my friends and, as everyone knows, friends make any night worth remembering. I managed to actually pick out an appetizing mocktail: lemon lime soda mixed in with Rose’s grenadine. I was able to get my friends to try it too and they loved it! We kept going back for fifths and sixths and sevenths.

Like my first session, usually my day starts with me rushing off to class after breakfast and scurrying to my seat in time for the lecture at Warren Hall. I’ve made more use of my bus pass this session than I had last session, and for good reason.

My daily lunches at Trillium have been excellent, and I have become even more of a fan of Cornellian food. Afternoons are spent studying as well as work I have pending back home and evenings are when I personally designate time to myself and my family and friends back home.

My afternoons are often spent at Mann Library, where I usually am working on an assignment with my fellow classmates. As a bookworm, I feel an almost spiritual sense of happiness when I am in the library, as it is in such a renowned educational institution. It truly is magical. Speaking of which, I have made it a mental note to visit the Uris Library-- the “Harry Potter” library--before leaving Cornell for the summer.

My final week is coming up, and with it the mounting stress of finals. But I am content and relieved. Content with my life for having had this amazing summer experience and relieved that in a week’s time, I will be in the embrace of my family and friends once again. I will, however, always treasure my time here in my heart.

At the completion of my six weeks here at Cornell University, I find myself at a point in my life where many things have been brought into sharper focus. First off, studies are incredibly important, and my time here has taught me that nothing comes second to them. Second of all, make memories, or at the end of an event, you will have nothing to go home with. I am glad that I was able to make memories. Lastly, your life is what you make it.

When I came to Cornell, I will admit that I was scared. I had never been away from all that I know for such a long duration of time. I had never taken college classes over the summer. But, when I arrived here, I realized that my fear was unfounded. I had complete control of what I accomplished here, and it is this control that enabled me to find my place here over the summer.

I cannot say much, as I am currently out of town, but I will say that in between classes and friends and dining and random activities, I have found myself. And I hope that my readers will be gifted with the same experience. This summer has been truly life changing, and I will never forget it.

The Cornell experience for me was truly life-changing. It not only gave me a taste of college life and six credit hours, but it has also provided me with friends with whom I continue to talk to even today. My summer at Cornell has given me a window to the world outside of Plano, TX.

To say the least, I am thankful for the opportunity...thankful that it came to my attention…thankful that I was accepted...thankful that I was able to go...thankful for everything...

As a writer, there are moments in life where I become frustrated at the English fact, really any language. This is such a moment. In attempting to convey my feelings about my amazing experience in the program, I realize that no words appropriately capture them.

I loved the experience. And I urge everyone reading this to apply. For they will fall undeniably in love as well, at least with some aspect of the program, the campus, something. That's my promise.