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Student blogs


Naples, FL
The Business World
Summer College 2015

Hello Cornell! I'm Saige, and I'll be a junior next year at Barron Collier High School in Naples, Florida. During the school year, I am active in a few different clubs. I was president of my class in Student Council and my local Jewish youth group. Next year I will take on the responsibility of President at my schools Key Club. When I'm not participating in school clubs, I'm playing on my schools lacrosse team.

I am nervous and excited to be enrolled in the Business World course at Cornell this summer. I look forward to learning more about my course and meeting everyone at Cornell. See you soon!

The first few days of being at Cornell have been absolutely insane/incredible. When I first arrived, I was so nervous to be attending my first summer program alone. The first day didn't go as smoothly as I had hoped. It wasn't until that night that I had the opportunity to socialize. By the time the ice cream social had started, the parents had left and the students began reaching out to meet new people.

It isn't easy to turn around and talk to the person standing behind you in line, but it is necessary, and once you do, you won't regret it. The second I started talking to one person, another person would join the conversation, and soon, I was with a large group of friends.


It doesn't take long for people you just met to seem like friends you've known for your entire life, and that has certainly been true. The day for me and my friends usually goes a little something like this: Meet for breakfast, walk to Business World and attend an interesting lecture on what we read the day before, go to discussion in separate and smaller classes, then meet for lunch. After lunch in Trillium, a dining hall by our classes, we go off to the library.

I know what you're thinking, "A whole day in the library? What good students!" It's true, we have a lot of work which takes a lot of studying, but that's not all we do. (We might have taken a little break to play Hide-and-Seek in the library book stacks.)

The class consists of studying from the textbook, reading Nike case studies, and working on a virtual simulation of a coffee shop called BizCafe. I think it is a great representation of both the business world and also the challenges we might face when working in groups that we don't chose. As group leader, I need to make sure everyone has something they're able to contribute and that all of our work is turned in on time.

The walk around campus is pretty far, as it takes about fifteen minutes to get to our first lecture in Kennedy Hall, but the scenery makes the hike worth it. Every morning we pass over Bebee Gorge on the way to class. It's remarkable how one second we're crossing a road and the next second we're crossing a gorge! (And yes, it is Gorge-ous).


The second week at Cornell has flown by way too fast. It's been a blur of studying, go carting, dancing in the dorm rooms, and more studying. Keeping up with the class has been a struggle but extremely invigorating at the same time.

Last week my group and I did a presentation on our BizCafe decisions. It was really unique that we were not graded on how well the online café did. Instead, our grade was dependent on what we learned from our mistakes and how we benefited from our good decisions. This is my first time being in a mature and advanced class, which has given me the opportunity to learn about the business world hands on. In the future, if I start a company, I now know the benefits and disadvantages of risk taking and other decisions that we made in the simulation.

I can already tell how fast this week is going to go by. This Friday we have our final exam, so I can easily predict the rest of this week will consist of a lot of time spent in the library. I am currently working on a presentation to pick two stocks and compare them. It presents the same challenges I faced when working on the BizCafe presentation. I have to organize my group and compromise with them as well. Fortunately, my group and I get along great and work efficiently together.

I've had a fantastic experience learning at Cornell this summer. It'll be bittersweet to leave my friends and fly home on Saturday.


I'm back home in Naples, Florida. The weather is surprisingly as it was in Ithaca, either raining or extremely hot. I am happy to be home and see my friends and family, but I also miss my new friends I made at Summer College. Fortunately, we have all kept in touch since meeting at Cornell. I have written so many letters—just kidding, nobody writes letters anymore! But of course I keep in touch with all of my friends through text and Snapchat. I hope to visit my friends soon—from the ones who live a couple hours away to those who are across the country.

I'm so happy that I attended Cornell's Summer College this summer. I feel like I experienced a real college environment. At Cornell, there is so much freedom, but with that freedom came responsibility. I had no one there to remind me to study or do my homework, but I had to push myself to work hard. By attending this program, I have improved my work ethic, and I am much more prepared for more intense college classes.

Overall, I have no regrets about attending Cornell's Summer College and no complaints, just a lot of great memories. I would recommend Summer College to anyone who has a strong work ethic and an interest in making new friends. Attending this program has given me skills that I can take with me and use for the rest of my life, as well as a newfound knowledge of the business world.

I would like to thank all my friends and the staff at Cornell for making this an amazing and unforgettable experience a reality. This has been one of the best summers of my life.