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Cornell University School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions

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Student blogs


Guaynabo, PR
Fundamentals of Modern Marketing
Summer College 2017
Hello! My name is Lourdes, and I am a rising junior from Puerto Rico. This summer I have decided to trade serene seashores and crystalline waters for a taste of college life at Cornell University. Following this impulse of chance, I have decided to indulge in a subject I have never before been introduced to: marketing. Hence, during Cornell University Summer College I will be taking Fundamentals of Modern Marketing. This is new for me; a more textbook option would have been a course oriented in either science or history. These are the two topics in which I thrive. I also enjoy sports, even though I constantly fluctuate between surfing, swimming, tennis, and running. I treasure new opportunities and try to experience as many new things as possible. I could not let an opportunity like CUSC simply pass by.

I arrived on campus alongside my grandfather, graduate of the Cornell class of 1962. During the days leading to my arrival to Cornell my grandfather told me countless stories of his academic and social adventures here. After a week that has felt like months, I have already made memories that match his.

Upon arrival, I had three orientations, the first was a general orientation with every student and their respective family members, the second was an orientation within each course, and the third was a dorm orientation. Other than explaining the rules and expectations for the new members of the Cornell family, these orientations served to make friends and meet new people. In each of these I met different people, whom quickly became my friends. The beauty of Cornell University Summer College is that everyone is inviting and eager to get to know each other. Although we all come from diverse backgrounds and have different cultures, everyone here is inclusive and embracing of our differences.

I am taking the course Fundamentals of Modern Marketing, taught by Sherif Nasser. This class is composed of 50 students from varied nationalities. The classes follow the typical structure of a lecture; however, student participation is frequently encouraged. Usually, a topic is introduced and explained by the professor followed by a real-world example which helps simplify the topic and simultaneously explains it. The topics covered in the class so far are: marketing strategy, environment, simple marketing math, consumer behavior, customer segmentation, targeting and positioning, marketing research, and products. If a student struggles with any of these topics or any topic that will be discussed, teacher assistants are available to aid students and the professor has office hours open to questions. This course is rigorous and has a heavy work load. Although assignments are scarce, students must review the material discussed in the prior class and read articles beforehand. I had no former knowledge of marketing but this course serves as a solid introduction and gives a deep insight into the world of marketing.

Summer College offers a balance between academics and leisure. Free time is abundant and students are given the opportunity to do as they wish. 745 acres are available for students to roam freely as well as the neighboring city of Ithaca. This combination embodies life at college, gives students the opportunity to evaluate Cornell, and determine if the course they are taking will pertain to their future. I am eager to continue the next two weeks at Cornell and keep creating unforgettable memories.


Another week has flown by at Cornell University. After the first weekend, friendships have flourished as students have had the opportunity to socialize outside the classroom. A lot of which took place on campus or in Ithaca. Some students went to the Ithaca Commons and others to Collegetown where there are various restaurants and stores that are open for students to enjoy. Both of these locations are accessible by walking and are safe and calm environments. Apart from this, Cornell sponsored a trip to Buttermilk Falls, where students had the opportunity to swim and explore nature. There was no academic schedule for the Fourth of July, which allowed us to celebrate this holiday with a barbecue, Popsicles, water guns, beach balls, and fireworks.

Classes have gotten progressively more challenging as we dive deeper into the subjects. Most of us have had midterm examinations and next week many courses will have final assessments for which students are studying diligently. This college experience has helped many of us acquire a better perspective on future majors for college. This is truly turning out to be a wonderful experience that has provided me the opportunity to learn more about myself, get a glimpse at what future college life might look like, and appreciate the diversity of the world we live in.


I remember my first day at Cornell as if it was yesterday, but at the same time, I am dumbfounded with innumerable memories, making the first day feel a lifetime away. The first day at Cornell I arrived anxious yet eager. I was anxious to take a college-level course and I was eager to meet my new family for the next three weeks. After the first day at Cornell these emotions had faded and I felt at home. I met various people that day, a couple of whom flourished into amazing friends as my time at Cornell continued.

The first week was very similar to the first day at Cornell, filled with new adventures. Renting a bicycle for the first time, ordering the first batch of Insomnia cookies, and figuring out how to wash clothes. I had to learn to adapt, become more independent and responsible. Luckily, I had my friends going through the same process alongside me. By the second week the students were no longer figuring out how college life worked, they were immersed and were enjoying it. Classes had become routine, still very challenging, but we knew what to expect and how to tackle our classwork. The third week was probably the most diligent of the three. Most courses had final exams or final project to hand in. My course, Fundamentals of Modern Marketing, had two projects and a final exam during this week. Despite the academic intensity, the last week was made more challenging because friends had to part ways. Hopefully our academic paths will cross again in the near future. Saying goodbye to my friends and classmates was not easy.

Overall, this summer program was very enjoyable and I would recommend it to students who are academically inclined and are accustomed to rigorous courses in competitive environments. Cornell will be challenging to all students, but that does not mean that it is not feasible. This experience has taught me many things about myself and people my age from around the planet. After these three weeks, I can confidently say that I am interested in pursuing a career in business. This program not only helps orient students to a future career choice but it also helps them elect what type of college they would like to attend. Cornell University is an immense campus that has an equally large student body. I was impressed with my program and the overall organization and would definitively recommend it to anyone considering it.