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Student blogs


Goshen, NY
Macroeconomics and Current Economic Issues
Summer College 2017
Hi! I'm Rachel, a rising senior from Goshen, New York. I'm the President of my class, the Vice President of my Student Senate, and a member of my Mock Trial team and tennis team. I'm taking Macroeconomics and Current Economic Issues at CUSC. I hope to study business leadership in college. My high school only offers one basic, required economics course, so I'm excited to take a more advanced class. I'm also looking forward to living on Cornell's beautiful campus, meeting new friends, and eating Triple Caramel Bliss at the Cornell Dairy Bar. I hope we'll get the chance to meet!

As I sit on my bed preparing to write this blog post, I can't help but marvel at how much broader my world has become in a mere few days. I've connected with people from all over the country: Atlanta, Hawaii, and Ithaca itself, and from all over the world: Canada, China, England and beyond.

Not only has my social life expanded, my mind has as well. Macroeconomics is demanding, but certainly manageable. My professor is outstanding; he's condensed the material effectively and is great at answering questions. He has held several optional review sessions, and even bought pizza for the students who attended the longer sessions. My class happens to be a 107-person lecture, but both the professor and the teacher's assistant were available for one-on-one time when I requested it.

I've learned outside of my class too. Cornell admission representatives hosted a college fair to give advice about the application process, and I've learned cultural things like how schools in other states and countries work and what Mongolian food tastes like (I would definitely recommend it.).

Speaking of food, every meal I've had at Cornell thus far has been delicious! There are lots of options at each dining hall. My favorites include the omelette bar, the homemade honey-roasted peanut butter, the salad bar with fresh fruits and vegetables, and the sushi. Also, I did get to try the Triple Caramel Bliss from the Cornell Dairy Bar... Wow.

I was planning on going kayaking over the weekend, but it may rain. If it does, I'll probably snuggle up inside my friend's dorm room and watch Netflix while devouring ordered-in Insomnia Cookies.


I was lucky enough to venture into Ithaca this week! My midterm was Wednesday morning and I had free time for the rest of the day, so a group of my friends and I had lunch on the Commons at Waffle Frolic and then saw Dunkirk at the local movie theater. On Thursday night, my friend and I took a taxi to Purity, a huge ice cream shop that's about a five minute drive from campus. It was amazing - almost as good as the Cornell Dairy Bar. Then on Friday night, I ate dinner with friends at a nearby sushi restaurant, Plum Tree, and enjoyed a delicious meal. Saturday, however, was my favorite off-campus adventure. Two bus rides and a bit of a walk away from campus lies a beautiful Ithaca Farmers' Market with fresh produce, samples from local restaurants, hand-made crafts, and live music. It was heavenly. Overall, I think Ithaca is a charming city with both natural beauty and manmade attractions.

As fun as life off-campus was, I enjoyed life on campus just as much. I was craving alone time on Sunday, so plugged in some headphones and took a long walk around Cornell. My journey began by going to see some of the sorority and fraternity houses. I'm interested in joining the Greek system in college, and wanted to scope it out a little bit. Each and every house was gorgeous. There are old tudor-style mansions, cute brick houses, more modern houses, and everything in between. Then I trekked down Libe Slope to explore West Campus, or as I would rather call it, the site of European castles that someone plopped in the middle of rural New York. On my difficult hike back up the slope, I noticed that my "Cornell Calves," or "Ithacalves" had taken shape. One major perk of Cornell's campus is the built-in workout you get everyday simply by walking to class. At that moment, I smiled, deemed myself a true Cornellian, and then continued trudging up the seemingly never-ending hill. The moment I reached the top, the chime masters in the clock tower played a song to congratulate me! Well, at least that's what I thought until I looked at my watch and realized it was four o'clock and that the song was just the hourly alarm. I then frolicked through the magnificent Cornell Botanic Gardens, admired the gorges from a suspension bridge, and returned to my dorm.


CUSC wasn't easy. I had to read a chapter or two of my textbook and take a quiz every weeknight. I studied in the libraries many nights until they closed - all while my friends were posting pictures on beaches. The tests and quizzes were challenging for me. I finished my junior year, took a short break, and headed right back to school. I even got sick for a couple days. But it was worth it. I think I'll have an advantage during my first semester of college because I've had a taste of college life. I had some time management problems at the beginning of my course, but became much more efficient by the end of it. Likewise, I was uncomfortable in a lecture-style class when CUSC started, but I adjusted to it. These are lessons that I feel lucky to have learned as a high schooler.

I would like to thank my professors for their wisdom, their time, their countless explanations when I had questions, their patience, and their compassion. Both Professor Basu and Professor Kyle were interesting and effective. I learned a lot from them and from my experience at Cornell as a whole.

I will miss the friends I made, Cornell's beautiful campus, and, of course, the Cornell Dairy Bar. This summer reinforced my desire to apply to Cornell ILR this fall. Go Big Red!