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Cornell University School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions

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Student blogs


Delran, NJ
Body, Mind, and Health
Summer College 2010
I'm Moira, a rising junior and proud member of the class of 2012. I cannot even begin to explain my excitement for this summer and the Body, Mind, and Health course I will be taking at Cornell's Summer College. Growing up in the south Jersey suburbs has been nice, but uneventful. I can't wait to see a new place and meet new people. I want to study medicine in college which probably has something to do with my addiction to the television show House. When I'm not studying (or procrastinating) I play softball and run cross country. I like to stay active and sitting still does not come easily to me—my legs are bouncing even as I’m typing this. I like to read and the poetry of Emily Dickinson is my favorite of all. I’m an active member of my school’s student council, science league, math team, and spring musical. I can’t wait to make my way to Ithaca to have fun and learn tons—but first I have to pass my finals…

I can’t believe I leave for Cornell in just a few days. It has been something exciting to look forward to in the future, but now that it’s here it has come as sort of a shock. I went into packing mode full swing yesterday, grabbing clothes, bags, shoes, toiletries—probably enough supplies to sustain a small country. Never could I be accused of under-packing. I figure that I’d rather have too much than be missing something important. There’s just so much to get ready before leaving. My mother and I spent a good hour last night going over all the things to do before arrival and such. (We have also been butting heads quite a bit over what exactly is necessary to pack… Love you, Mom!)

In terms of schoolwork, my high school teachers seem to view summer vacation as a chance to cram our heads full of knowledge before class even begins. I have been steadily chipping away at my heavy workload so far this summer, but something tells me I won’t be getting much of it done while I’ve got my summer course going on. At this point I have abandoned all of my previous goals until after Summer College. I have way too much to do without worrying about biology labs!

As excited as I am to finally get out of this town and do something with my summer, I’m still nervous to find out what exactly I’ve signed up for. Hard classes AND adjusting to living away from home is a lot to take on. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes for me!

I can't believe I'm actually here. The campus is as beautiful as promised, and the people are just so friendly. Yesterday was check in and all that, but I feel like I've been here for weeks. Everything went smoothly, I even managed not to trip or act completely awkward when making first impressions. We had an ice cream social on the lawn last night with the purpose of meeting each other. At first it was so awkward because all of the six-week students knew each other but us "newbies" knew no one. Eventually the tension broke though and we had a great night meeting the people and enjoying Cornell's famous ice cream. Oh, that's another thing, people LOVE ice cream here. Apparently they have a dairy and make it themselves, and believe me, it shows. It's a good thing that the campus is so big because my long walks from place to place are the only things keeping me from gaining 100 pounds. Today was our first day of class. We had a lecture where the professor read us "Curious George Goes to the Hospital" and it was fun to pick out the subtle things that most people take for granted in a hospital setting. The reading is a whole different story though. I am typing this at 11:42 PM and I still have tons of reading to do before class tomorrow. Something tells me I will be up for awhile. The textbook, being on a college level, is sometimes hard to understand. Especially with the primary sources, it is hard to tell just what exactly we're supposed to be getting from it. I've found myself spending fifteen minutes on just one page! I have parked myself in the student lounge, the only part of the dorm with air conditioning. This is closed at 1 AM though so I better get down to work!

After all the stress from the week, it is a good thing we had a break this weekend. With weekdays consisting of meals, class, and the library, a trip to the mall followed by intense ultimate Frisbee was just what we needed. Navigating the bus system was tricky, but we did manage to make it there and back in plenty of time. Even though a lot of our weekend did still seem to consist of work, it was still work at a relaxed pace—I even had time to paint a picture frame with other girls on my floor.

On Saturday the RCAs coordinated a group climb of the clock tower. The views of the beautiful campus were amazing. Even the week isn’t all bad—we have managed to get into a good routine which makes the heavy workload on the weekdays more manageable. Our TAs also have office hours where we can go for extra help or just to make sure we understand everything. Because we just had our big paper assigned I am definitely going to be taking full advantage of them. It also helps to be able to talk to some of the other kids in my class to clarify certain ideas or themes and also study for the dreaded pop quizzes. The first week went by so quickly, and I never want it to end!