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Student blogs


Short Hills, NJ
The Individual in the Social World
Summer College 2010
Hey guys, I’m James from Short Hills, New Jersey. I just finished up my Junior year at Millburn High School, but I haven’t lived here all my life. I was born in London, England and traveled to many of the European countries before I turned one year old.

This summer at Cornell I will be taking The Individual in the Social World. I chose this course because psychology is one of my passions; I am in my school’s psychology club and attend a meeting every other week. I even have two whole shelves in my room devoted to books about psychology and philosophy. When I’m not studying or doing homework, I’m usually playing soccer or skateboarding. I love to be outside and active, but like everyone else I get tired. When I’m indoors I’m usually reading or writing poetry, which has appeared in my school’s literary magazine as well as in separate private magazines. I’m really looking forward to my summer at Cornell, and I know I’m going to have a great time!

My first week at Cornell was great! The work is somewhat difficult, but not too hard. There is just a great deal of reading. The textbook is well written and interesting, fortunately, and I was surprised to find that one of the authors is actually my professor. When I'm not doing work, I spend my time up here hanging out with friends. There are tons of intramural sports to take part in, buses to Collegetown, and I even went kayaking in Beebe Lake. It's been pretty hot, but thankfully I have three large fans in my room. It could be worse; I heard that it hit 110 degrees in my hometown!

This week was great. I have been working hard, and I have ordered Chinese food almost every day this week. I have also discovered the miracle that is Butterfinger flavored coffee at Appel. I have a ton of reading to do this week, and I can only pray that I finish it. All in all, Cornell has been an awesome experience so far.