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Cornell University School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions

Compensation, Stipends, and Appointment

Compensation for Summer and Winter Session Courses

If your class is "approved" with the salary guaranteed, you will be paid according to the Provost's Faculty Policy and Salary Schedule for the School. (University rules permit Cornell faculty members on nine-month appointments who teach in the Summer Session to receive no more than the equivalent of three months' additional salary.)

If your class is "fully approved" but has no enrollment and is cancelled, you will be paid $500 in consideration for preparation time.

If your class is approved "on demand," a special salary scale (based on enrollment) and payment schedule will apply.

Contact your department course coordinator or the SCE office to view a copy of the Provost's faculty policy.

Appointment Process and Forms

Below is a general outline of the appointment process for SCE faculty, graduate student lecturers, and TAs. Please contact the SCE office if you have questions.

  • Check with your college or school to be sure your curriculum vitae (CV) is on file with them. If you are a visiting faculty member who has not taught during a previous Summer or Winter Session, or whose appointment status has changed, your department will be required to submit an updated CV to the SCE office in B20 Day Hall.
  • Your school or college must approve your class offering and submit a class proposal request to SCE. Once SCE grants approval, SCE will send you an appointment letter and instructions via email.
  • Review email instructions and follow the steps outlined. Failure to complete all steps or return documentation in a timely manner may delay your appointment and receipt of your first paycheck. Attached to the email will be an appointment confirmation letter, including the salary payment schedule, if applicable. You must sign this letter and return it immediately, via fax (607.255.9697), email (, or campus or U.S. mail (B20 Day Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853). This will be considered a firm commitment from you.

Additional forms and processes may be required for some positions (e.g., visiting faculty positions, temporary positions, and/or returning faculty with a break in employment with Cornell).

Some faculty may also be required to:

  • Activate your Cornell NetID. Faculty members, graduate student lecturers, and TAs need a NetID in order to use Cornell email, view online course evaluations, and access services and systems, including the Faculty Center. The Faculty Center provides a single entry point to the tools faculty need to advise students and to view class information (i.e., teaching schedule, class rosters, and grading information). New hires receive their NetID as part of the appointment process. A text message will be sent to your cell phone in conjunction with an email message sent to your preferred email address, or a letter will be sent by U.S. mail with your assigned NetID, an activation code to set your password, and activation instructions. The NetID and activation code cannot be sent by email (solely) or fax machine.
  • Enroll in Two-Step Login. All university employee NetID accounts require enrollment in the Two-Step Login service. This action was adopted to protect your pay and tax information from criminal activities. If you have not already done so, to enroll please review the following link: If you have questions about how Two-Step Login works, and why it is essential for keeping your pay and tax information safe, or would like help changing your device settings, please contact the IT Service Desk.
  • Log into the HR payroll system, Workday, and complete Section 1 of the Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9) form. IMPORTANT: You will be required to bring proof of identification to an HR representative on the Cornell campus. Please review the list of acceptable documentation to be presented. The I-9 process is not complete until you have met with an HR representative, which must be done by your third working day.
  • Review and sign the electronic forms in your Workday inbox. Documents may include:
    • Inventions and Related Property Rights Acknowledgement (IRPA) form
    • Confidentiality agreement
    • W-4 Payroll Tax Form
  • Update personal information in Workday.
  • Complete the Building a Culture of Respect training, if not done when last hired. This web-based training is mandatory for all new and visiting faculty, graduate student lecturers, teaching associates, and staff.
  • If you are visiting foreign faculty, check with your sponsoring department to be sure they file Cornell’s Request for Issuance of Form IAP-66 with the Office of Global Learning as early as possible and send a copy of that to the SCE office.

Direct Deposit and Electronic Delivery of Pay Stubs

Cornell employees and students may sign up to have their paycheck automatically deposited into their bank accounts. All students, active employees and new hires are able to manage their own direct deposit enrollment through Workday. Follow the instructions for setting up direct deposit and stopping or changing your payment or bank elections. The payroll office offers electronic delivery of all pay stubs via Workday, with which employees enrolled in direct deposit can obtain earning information and verify deposit amounts. Note: Due to processing and pre-notification times, it may take up to two paycheck cycles before funds begin being direct-deposited. During this time, paychecks will continue to be mailed to the address on file.

Employees and students not enrolled in direct deposit will have a paper paycheck mailed to their "primary" address as recorded in Workday.

Employees can verify their address via Workday.

Annual Certification of Effort

Faculty, graduate student lecturers, and TAs involved in research should familiarize themselves with Cornell's University Policy 3.11, Effort Planning and Confirmation.

The University receives funding from federal and other sponsored agencies. When these funds are expended for the salaries and wages of faculty, staff, graduate student lecturers, and TAs, we are required to certify that related work was performed and the salaries and wages charged for that work were reasonable. The above-mentioned policy more fully describes this process. Please contact the SCE accounting department at 607.255.4987 if you have questions about this policy.