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"Montezuma's Revenge"

The Huffington Post, June 9, 2016

Critics beware. Donald Trump has uncovered a diabolical and dastardly plot against the United States. Mr. Trump loves Mexicans. He employs thousands of them in his casinos and hotels, in positions of authority at very high wages. And Mexicans love him. That said, as an astute student of history, Trump knows that Mexicans have never forgiven American Anglos for annexing Texas, defeating them in the Mexican War, and seizing millions of acres of land in the American Southwest. In launching his campaign, he reminded voters that Mexican authorities have been sending murderers and rapists (along with some nice people) across the border for decades. This spring, however, Mr. Trump got wind of a far more insidious and stealthy scheme (dubbed Montezuma’s Revenge).


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