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The Chateau

by Paul Goldberg,
The Jerusalem Post, April 6, 2018

The Chateau, Paul Goldberg’s new novel, begins a few days before the presidential inauguration of Donald Trump. Goldberg’s hero, William M. Katzenelenbogen, a 52-year-old science writer for The Washington Post, has been fired for insubordination. His college roommate, Dr. Zbigniew Wronski, a plastic surgeon known as the “Butt God of Miami Beach,” has fallen or jumped to his death from a 43rd-story balcony at the Grand Dux Hotel in Hollywood, Florida. And Melsor Yakovlevich Katzenelenbogen, Bill’s octogenarian father, a larger-than-life poet, Russian refusenik, and perpetrator of Medicare fraud, is engaged in a titanic struggle over “special assessments” with the Russian-Jewish officers of the board of the Chateau Sedan Neuve Condominium Association.


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