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The Right Wrong Man: John Demjanjuk and the Last Great Nazi War Crimes Trial

by Lawrence Douglas,
The Jerusalem Post, January 15, 2016

On September 21, 1976, Joseph Czarny pointed to a photograph of John Demjanjuk, a Cleveland autoworker and naturalized US citizen, and declared: “This is Ivan Grozny, that is the Ivan, the infamous Ivan. Thirty-three years have gone by, but I recognize him at first sight with full certainty.” When authorities suggested there was evidence Demjanjuk had not been at the extermination camp at Treblinka, Czarny remained adamant that Demjanjuk was the sadistic “Ivan the Terrible.” Ten days later, Gustav Brooks, who had cut the hair of naked women about to be gassed at Treblinka, also identified Demjanjuk as Ivan, “with 100% certainty.”


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